Where to Stay in Kyoto: On Your Bike!

From a very young age, Renata from Brazil had always dreamed of going to Japan. So she embarked on a solo trip to celebrate a milestone birthday. There were so many things to see, but she didn't know exactly where to stay in Kyoto. After reading reviews for our host and the offer of a bike, it was a done deal! She stayed with Miyako in Kyoto for five nights and explored the entire city by bike and bus. We caught up with Renata to hear all about how she got on in Kyoto.

Bamboo forest with some Japanese girls wearing Kimonos

Bamboo forest with some Japanese girls wearing Kimonos.

Why did you pick this homestay?

I decided to stay at Miyako's home because she was highly evaluated by her guests at Homestay.com. There were so many wonderful reviews from past guests and I loved the sound of a Japanese style room.

Biking around Kyoto

Tell us about your homestay experience.

It was my first experience staying in a homestay, and it was great! Being in a local house, you can truly feel the country and the customs of the people that live there. And, also, it's a cheap way to travel with comfort.

Miyako taking me to a small site seeing by bicycle

Miyako taking me on a bit of sight seeing by bike.

Tell us about the location.

The location was great. My house was less than a block from the bus stop. Miyako gave her bicycle to me to use, which was a surprise, so it was perfect. I used the bike when my destination was no more than 30 minutes away, and I used the bus when it was further away.

A note from Renata's host

One of her cute notes.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

In Kyoto, I loved the Golden Pavillon, which it is very close to Miyako's home and I loved the 1000 Buddhas Temple (Sanjusangendo). The International Manga Museum was a tip from Miyako, and it was really different.

A Shrine very close to Miyako's home

A Shrine very close to Miyako's home.

The Golden Pavillon (very close to Miyako's home)

The Golden Pavillon (very close to Miyako's home).

How was your experience with the locals?

You are in Japan, so everything is funny and lovely! Everything there is different from my country (Brazil), we are at opposite sides of the globe :) Oh and the food is delicious.

Japanese Noodle From the Manga International Museum

Japanese Noodle from the Manga International Museum.

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