Carnaval in Santiago de Cuba staying with a musician

Ben from the United States visited Cuba in July 2017 for a photography project to capture Caribbean music and dance. He enjoyed that allowed him to read the profiles of each of the hosts and he found a professional musician Jose. He introduced Ben to the managers of several of the music venues and ensured he got access to help him capture some amazing shots. Read on to hear all about Carnaval in Cuba from Ben.

Why were you visiting Cuba?

I came to Santiago de Cuba to photograph Carnaval and other musical events. I knew I was going to do a Homestay. I've done this in several countries and was excited to do the same in Santiago de Cuba. It was great that I was able to stay with a professional musician who was able to introduce me to several other musicians.  On day one, literally moments after arriving, I found myself in one of the most famous music venues on the island, talking with the manager and arranging music shoots.  I felt incredibly blessed to be so well connected.

Any tips or advice for other travellers during Carnaval?

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Visiting Cuba for Carnaval?

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