Retired couple travel to Cuba

Nenad and her husband both retired from Serbia couple travelled to Cuba in February and stayed with homestay host Odalys for 7 days. The people and the culture inspired love and happiness in their hearts. They had an unforgettable experience through homestay. Read Nenad's account below.

Tell us about your homestay experience.

We are an elderly married couple and we are finding Homestay really the best of the best. We travel a lot, but that is the first time we used Homestay as our rent provider. From now on, we will keep Homestay as a favourite to us. Easy to choose, easy to pay, easy to get in touch with our renters and to arrange all as best as we expected.

Proud of ages

What was your favourite part of Havana?

Most of all the people hearts, friendship and the smiles on their faces that take away all of sadness and sorrow. They can make you forget all your troubles and problems in one honest look. We visited Vinales, La Habana Vieia, museum of the revolution, museum of the fine arts and met many, many nice people that we would like to stay in contact with in the future. Some of them we would like to meet again in our country (Belgrade, Serbia) as our guests.

Man and the mural

Any tips or advice for other travelers?

Must listen to Cuban live music in Patchenka bar and the best of all in Kilometer Zero!!! That is an unbelievable experience. Just talk and listen to the street musicians, dance and feel absolutely free. Cuba Libre is not only the most popular cocktail, it is a state of the feeling of Cuban people for our beloved country.

What music in Patchenka bar!

Driving by the coach

How was your experience with your host?

Our hosts Louis and Odalys have big hearts and kind and soft souls that could be a motive to anyone to be nice and to give a big hug to all. We learned how to make cigars from the tobacco leafs. We learned how slow to drink daiquiri as famous Hemingway does. We learned how to feel alive again and how to keep that feeling forever.

Street art in Havana


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