15 Images That Will Make You Want to Visit India

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India is an immense landscape that is begging to be explored. Enormous cities contrasted against vast spaces of rural tranquility in a country that is famous for its supreme beauty and jawdropping scenery. Get inspired to visit this beautiful country with these images to tempt your travel tendencies.

India is a country closely associated with colour

Pigment on sale at a market in Mysore, India

Image courtesy of Karin Wollgarten

Famous for its festivals

Image of a mask at the Sani Festival in Zanskar Valley

Image courtesy of sandeepachetan.com travel photography.

And its sense of the exotic.

painted elephants in Kanchipuram

Image courtesy of McKay Savage.

The landscape is so diverse

From the beach...

Children playing at the beach in Mumbai

Image courtesy of Rajarshi Mitra.

To the mountains...

Pilgrims on the Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir, India

Image courtesy of sandeepachetan.com travel photography.

That it may leave you feeling overwhelmed.

man sleeping at a market stall in Varanasi, India

Image courtest of Paolo Gamba.

Water is sacred in Indian culture,

the Taj Mahal on a misty morning

Image courtesy of Maurizio Peddis.

Bringing a sense of calm to everyday life,

Sikh pilgrims at the Golden Temple in Amritsar in Punjab, India

And it is very much a feature of the landscape.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Temple in Delhi, India

Image courtesy of Edmund Gall.

Often people have an expectation that India will look like this

Krishna at the Jamam Masjid in Delhi

Image courtesy of David Gil.

And this

close up of paintings at the city palace musuem in Jaipur Image courtesy of cpcmollet.

Which is not wrong, but as a country, India is so much more varied.

From the architecture...

Mysore Palace in India

Image courtesy of Ramnath Bhat.

to the culture...

image of a bridge on her wedding day by the Ganges in Varanasi,  India

Image courtesy of Donatella Venturi.

And everyday life,

Image courtesy of Eytan Moller.

India is a country that may surprise you.

Buddhist monks playing cricket in Bangalore, India

Image courtesy of Jai Kapoor.

Tempted to explore the sights of India?

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