Leaving Japan for a Week in Singapore

Kana, from Japan, decided to spend a week in Delsy's homestay in Singapore. During her vacation, Kana was able to experience the people and culture of Singapore through a local's eyes.

Tell us about your homestay experience.

I like to go on a trips by myself, but I always stay in hotels. However, this time I tried to challenge myself by trying something new. I decided to stay in a homestay, which is something I had been interested in before. In the homestay, I was never lonely because there are host families.

What did you do in Singapore?

Every morning, I ran around a park or river nearby. One day I found a crocodile swimming there! Sometimes, a monkey would appear in the garden of the host family's house. I liked when my colleagues showed me photos of iguanas. There are a lot of plants growing around the house. It was a very wonderful thing. Singapore is an attractive country where large cities and nature coexist.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Because there are a lot of mosquitoes, you should bring a mosquito repellent spray. Because the sun is strong, a parasol is also necessary. You will be asked for your passport when you buy alcohol.

How was your experience with your host?

I was happy because she had dogs and cats. In Japan, I do not own a pet. She made me her original dish that has a very special taste that I would not find in Japan. I loved that we can eat together, and I enjoyed being able to ask questions about things like traffic access and nice restaurants in neighborhood. Homestay allowed me to make new friends overseas.

Inspired by Kana's trip to Singapore?

Homestays provide an experience unlike any other.

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