Five views in Cape Town to be savoured

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It’s seldom that a city leaves me speechless with its beauty, but Cape Town did. It really is awe-inspiring – everywhere you look there’s a mountain, beach or landmark to gaze at. Here are five very special views that will leave you gobsmacked.

1 Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand

table mountain Photo courtesy of Lysmask

From almost every part of Cape Town, the iconic Table Mountain looms over you. In some cases you’re underneath it, while in other cases it’s a dot on the horizon. But it’s always there. If you want the picture-postcard view of it though, Bloubergstrand is where to get it. Whether it’s at sunrise, in the middle of the day or as dusk falls over this stunning city, photographers are here taking photos of ‘The Mountain’ (how locals refer to Table Mountain). Don’t leave Cape Town without joining them.

2 Sunset from Signal Hill

sunset signal hill Photo courtesy of Warren Rohner

Cape Town’s best-known peaks are Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak. Another is Signal Hill which is most visited for one thing – sunsets. During the warmer months hundreds flock here with their flasks, rugs, picnics and more to have an alfresco meal while taking in one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most stunning sunsets.

3 View of Cape Town from Robben Island

robben island Photo courtesy of NH53

A visit to Cape Town’s infamous Robben Island is a sobering experience to say the least. I was there before the passing of the great Nelson Mandela so it must be even more so now. Along with the mixed emotions after speaking with ex-prisoners and seeing the cell where ‘Mobida’ spent so much time, something else that stuck out was the view over the water back to mainland South Africa from the island. Here you can see Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak perfectly side by side. While that’s what I noticed, what stuck with me was how others would’ve seen nothing but freedom.

4 View from Table Mountain

view from table mountain Photo courtesy of Brian G. Foltz

You’ll find out soon after arriving in Cape Town that a lot of what there is to do and see revolves around ‘The Mountain’. It’s visible from practically everywhere. But what’s just as breath-taking as the view of The Mountain is the view from The Mountain. It’s inevitable that you’ll end up on top of the famous landmark before you leave, so when you do make sure to savour every last minute. The views of Camps Bay, the 12 Apostles (mountains) and the rest of this vast city is something you won’t forget.

5 View from The Sky Bar, The Grand Daddy Hotel, 38 Long Street

sky bar cape town Photo courtesy of David Brossard

Considering Cape Town is one of South Africa’s biggest cities, you’re going to be surrounded by urban environments also. In this bar in the centre of the city you can take in the views of Cape Town’s skyline while sipping on a cocktail. What makes this venue even more unique are the seven vintage Airstream trailers, which each have a themed interior.

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