25% Deposit Payment is Back - Protect against No Shows & Cancellations

Homestay.com are delighted to announce that the option to accept 25% deposits is available again.

Opting into this model means:

  • The guest pays a 25% deposit of the price of stay to confirm their booking online.
  • Homestay.com will transfer this 25% deposit amount to the host 2 business days after the guest’s scheduled arrival (less a small service fee).

This 25% deposit payment protects the host from late cancellations, when a guest cancels less than 7 days in advance of arrival or should the guest fail to arrive. If a guest cancels more than 7 days in advance the guest will be refunded this deposit payment amount.

Payoneer.com are our trusted payment providers and they will process the payment to the host directly.

Hosts wishing to avail this option can now:

  • Reactivate the 25% Deposit Payment Model via their Host Account
  • Ensuring your bank account details registered with Payonner are up to date.

If you need help you contact us at support@homestay.com

Media Enquiries

Yvonne Finlay

Email: press@homestay.com



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