Homestay - Being among family while away from home

Tell us about your homestay experience.

I loved connecting with the family I stayed with. They are such treasures. It has been beautiful having chats with my hosts and even playing some games and instruments with their kids. It gave me a feel of being among family while away from home, which has been very valuable during a time of semi-solo travel.

What did you do in Cancún?

I’ve enjoyed exploring the downtown area. I also helped a local organization in a poorer area abit out of town, which I really enjoy getting to experience and contribute to when traveling. I visited some beaches as well, but the highlight of my trip was definitely the people I met. There is a warmth and sense of family and genuineness about the culture.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Take the time to connect with the locals, walk through restaurant areas and streets, and explore for yourself on foot downtown. I happened upon a street one evening with some food carts and tables out in the street, it was really fun to see and a beautiful spot for dinner. Parke de las Palapas is another spot that’s full of action, food carts, sometimes dancing and entertainment in the evenings.

How was your experience with your host?

My hosts are incredible. They are such genuine, caring and friendly people. It’s been fun learning about the culture, connecting with them as individuals, hearing about how they do life and getting to see what kinds of foods they enjoy. I have really enjoyed getting to know them during my time in Cancun.

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The wild colours of Cancun.

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Helping out with kids entertainment at a park.

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Evening strolls with friends.



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