My Dublin Homestay experience & perfecting my English

Tell us about your homestay experience.

I really appreciated my experience at an home stay person. You pay the rent for a room but not only, because you have free access to the all house (garden, kitchen, living room, bathroom) and in my experience the person who hosted me was always available to talk with me and was always here to help in whatever she could. Thanks to her. And what's more, if the person has several rooms to rent, you should probably live with other people like you, like student, so it's good to meet people too.

What did you do in Dublin ?

My goal of this travel to Dublin was to practice and make progress about my English. So I decided to work as a waitress in a restaurant in the centre of Dublin. I could meet a lot of people in the staff of the restaurant and also with the customers, it really helped with my oral expression and understanding in English. And in Dublin, I went out in Temple Bar, and visited Phenix Park and Bray. I didn't have a lot of time for the visits because of my work.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

If you have to take the bus several times (every day for me), make enquiries about the bus or the tram that you may use and buy a leap card because it would be less much expensive. Also about the bus, make a sign to the driver when you want him to stop otherwise he would not. And if you need to take any taxi, the app "Freenow" would be the easier to use and the price are not that expensive.

How was your experience with your host?

I didn't regret at all my experience with my host because she taught me a lot of things about Dublin and the Irish people in particular. There are sometimes some cultural differences that I didn't understand and she was always here to explain it at me. And when I came back at home from the work, she was always available to talk with me about my day. I really appreciated these exchange times. She also let me discover some food specialities and I did the same with some cooking that I made.

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Dublin by night

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Bray (after an hour of hiking)

Picture?id=4699&name=blog post images&style=blog body

Phenix park

Picture?id=4700&name=blog post images&style=blog body

Temple bar



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