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Michelle O'Beirne

Michelle has loved travel since childhood, when her Mum joined an airline & she travelled with her everywhere from Bordeaux to Barbados. After learning Spanish at university she spent years living in Madrid & Barcelona before returning to her native Ireland.

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Written by Michelle O'Beirne

10 great Barcelona bars for you to try

Barcelona is a cultural hub famous for its beaches, beautiful sights and their amazing football team! That aside, it’s also home to some of the best bars in Europe which boast views of the city, beautiful...

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Nursing placement in New South Wales

People choose to stay in homestays for all kinds of reasons. Emily a nursing student was on a placement in Yowie Bay and chose a homestay for the duration.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Win Back Your Trip by Sharing your Homestay Snaps or Videos

Booking confirmed, bags packed and you are soon off on a homestay adventure. What could be better than that? Well, we have something up our sleeve. Win back your trip by sharing your homestay snaps.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Outdoor Adventures and Organic Food in a Homestay in Wicklow

As a travel writer, Dave spends most of the year on the move. So for him, staying with local host Cathy offered him the comforts of home while he set out to discover Ireland.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Havana Holidays: Learning About Cuban Culture and Organic Worm Farming

Steeped in history and filled to the brim with a rich culture, Havana offers something for every kind of traveller. Fresh off the plane, Anna shares her adventures.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Christmas Shopping Trips: 5 Short Breaks Where You Can Pick up Some Unique Gifts

With the Christmas season fast approaching, we've all got Christmas shopping in mind. To give you a little inspiration, we've put together five of our favourite European cities for buying Christmas presents.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Discovering Northern Ireland: Adventures in Belfast and Beyond

Discover the must-see attractions in Belfast and Northern Ireland as well as some helpful recommendations on restaurants, cafés and where to stay.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Learning German with a Homestay Host Family in Berlin

Guest Wan Yin from Taiwan tells us about living with a local family in Berlin, brushing up on her German and new friendships as part of her homestay experience.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Dublin Travel Tips and Adventures in the Sahara

Travel inspiration from Homestay.com's David. Read his top tips for his native Dublin and his adventures in the Sahara Desert and beyond.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Travel to Cuba: Everything you Need to Know to Plan your Trip

Find out all you need to know to plan a trip to Cuba with the expert guide from Homestay.com. Learn why you should stay in a casa particular, what to pack and when to visit.

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