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Written by Colm Hanratty

Pubs in Dublin – 10 ‘locals’ to go for a pint

If you're planning on visiting Dublin soon and you want to experience an evening in a "local" pub, you'll need to leave the city centre. Here are 10 of our favourite Dublin locals.

Written by Colm Hanratty

15 of the Best Cafés in Ireland for an Indulgent Pitstop

Find the best cafés around the country with the expert guide from Explore Ireland one cake slice at a time with these local favourites.

Written by Colm Hanratty

10 Towns to Stop in on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is full of something Ireland is famous for – quaint, picturesque towns. Here are ten worth visiting between the north and south of the famous coastal route.

Written by Kim Gillick

Accommodation in Auckland for the World Masters Games 2017

Are you heading off to Auckland for the World Masters Games? Lucky you! If you're looking for accommodation in Auckland during the games, we have the homestays for you.

Written by Guest Blogger: Claire Beck

What to do in Zanzibar: A Few Days in Stone Town

Jaw-dropping beaches are on everyone's 'what to do in Zanzibar' list, but they tend to miss the charming city of Stone Town. Guest Blogger Claire Beck stayed with local homestay host, Nayssa, and tells us why you should spend a few days in Stone Town.

Written by Colm Hanratty

5 of the best breakfasts in Dublin

Looking for breakfast or even a lazy brunch around Dublin? Here are the 5 best spots for breakfast in the city according to the experts at

Written by Kim Gillick

An Alternative Shopping Experience in London

London isn't only filled with high street shops and expensive boutiques. Here are our favourite hidden gems to make it a unique and alternative shopping experience in London.

Written by Colm Hanratty

Five Villages in Dublin You Should Visit

Find the best villages dotted around Dublin for you to visit on a day out. Discover the best bars, walks and restaurants in each area that all the locals love.

Written by Kim Gillick

Hidden Dublin: 12 Cool Things to do While You're in Town

There are lots of well known, fun things to do when you're visiting Dublin. But there's a hidden Dublin too; secret things only a local would know, and we're revealing them. Check out our list of lesser known things to do in Dublin.

Written by Jackson Seifert

Study Abroad in Dublin: What you Need to Know

After a few weeks of settling in, I have just about grasped what student life is like in the fair city. I'm an American studying abroad in Dublin, and here is what I've learned so far.