Guest Experiences

Written by Suzanne Cox

Retired couple travel to Cuba

A retired Serbian couple travels to Cuba, and discovered new joys of life. The people and the culture inspired love and happiness in their hearts. They had an unforgettable experience through homestay.

Written by Sally Meacham

Travelling to Japan for the First Time

Steve from Australia travelled around Japan for the first time in August and stayed in 3 different homestays. He learned about their unique culture first hand by living with his hosts and also made sure to see some of the sights. Steve fell in love with Japan, and will soon be planning a trip back. Keep reading for some fascinating stories from his time in Japan.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Nursing placement in New South Wales

People choose to stay in homestays for all kinds of reasons. Emily a nursing student was on a placement in Yowie Bay and chose a homestay for the duration.

Written by Suzanne Cox

Carnaval in Santiago de Cuba staying with a musician

Ben from the United States visited Cuba in July 2017 for a photography project to capture Caribbean music and dance. He found a host Jose who is also a professional musician, allowing him access to capture some amazing shots. Read on to hear all about Carnaval in Cuba from Ben.

Written by Sally Meacham

Fuerteventura Accommodation: Exploring the island whilst practicing Spanish

Shelley Anderson and her partner Ian from New Zealand stayed with host Susana on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. They were looking to spend some time at the beach, explore the island, cultural exchange and a chance to practice their Spanish. They had an amazing time and really bonded with their host Susana. Read on to see how they got on.

Written by Sally Meacham

Americans travelling to Cuba

Jessica Maienza went to Cuba with her husband on vacation. She went caving, road in a cool 1950's Chevy, and experienced some great hospitality. Interested? Read on and hear what she has to say about Cuba.

Written by Sally Meacham

Affordable London Accommodation for Frightfest

After living in London for six years, Stefania from Italy made a trip back again for the horror film festival, Frightfest. It takes place every year over the August Bank Holiday. This is always a busy time in London and it is really difficult to find affordable accommodation for a few days. Hotels in central London tend to be very expensive so Stefania said "Homestay was the perfect solution for me on this occasion." Read on to see how she enjoyed her homestay in London.

Written by Suzanne Cox

Homestay Holiday in Malta

Luca from Italy, now living in Madrid, returned to Malta for a holiday with his wife. Malta was a special place for them both as it's where they first met 5 years ago. They stayed in a double room for €25 per night with host Ely in St. Julians with wonderful views down to the bay. Read on to hear how they enjoyed their trip down memory lane.

Written by Sally Meacham

First Homestay Experience in Galway

Elena and her friend Giulia from Italy went on holidays in Ireland in August. They decided to spend 3 nights in Galway with our 5 Heart hosts Mary and Pat. Pat collected the girls on their bus from Dublin airport and gave them a traditional Irish welcome. Elena tells us that Mary really made her trip to Galway.

Written by Suzanne Cox

Homestays perfect fit for solo travel in India

Becky from the United states was in India for a few weeks for work. She stayed in two homestays in Delhi and Mumbai during her few days free time. She chose homestays as she wanted to see the real authentic India and learn more about Indian culture.