Host Stories

Written by Kim Gillick

A beginners guide to hosting

We’ve gathered all the need-to-know bits about taking in guests through, so you’ll be hosting like a professional in no time.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Hosting International Students in your Home

Do you have a spare room, enjoy meeting new people and want to earn some extra money? If the answer is yes, hosting international students could be ideal.

Written by Suzanne Cox

Hosting to make rent in between housemates

Mary lives in San Francisco and pays high rent on her home. Sometimes she finds herself between housemates and Homestay gives me a way to make up some of the rent during those times.

Written by Melissa Knowlton

Why I Chose to Host with

Csilla, a Californian teacher has been a host with for almost 2 years. She chose to host guests in her home so that she wouldn't have to work in the summer to supplement her income when she isn't teaching. Last summer she was able to take the summer off and is hoping to do the same again this year.

Written by Suzanne Cox

Lorraine from Auckland hosts to supplement her income

We caught up with Auckland host Lorraine who has hosted many guests in her home in Otahuhu. She offers one double room for $40 NZ per night, which is fantastic value in Auckland. Lorraine has also tried out herself as a guest most recently in Tauranga with hosts Liz and Phil. Lorraine also booked a homestay on a visit to London to see her son and grandchildren.

Written by Melissa Knowlton

Experience real Bali Family life in Sanur

Kumkum, a Balinese man, and Caroline, his French wife, live with their daughter Julia near the beaches of Sanur. There is so much to explore and see in Bali, and these hosts are confident that you will have an amazing experience when you stay with them. They love giving guests an authentic Bali experience through ceremonies and traditions. They welcome guests from all ages, and Julia is always happy to share her toys with other toddlers.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Rent out your spare room on

If you’re looking to rent out a spare room in your home to guests then list your room on With over 33,000 hosts worldwide already renting out their room with us, you're in good company.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Experience traditional Thai life in Bangkok homestay

Hosts Tanisara and Am live in the west of Bangkok, an area that offers all of the buzz of this international city while still allowing guests a glimpse at authentic local Thai culture and life.

Written by Suzanne Cox

Becoming a Homestay Host

"Firstly, I want to just thank you for providing this great website of yours that lets people meet, share ideas and experiences, and feel more confident and proud for who they are and where they come from. It removes a lot of misunderstandings and prejudices and helps visitors see for themselves that there are also humans here living their own dreams and ambitions as in any other corner of the world."

Written by Mary Plunkett

6 Need to Knows as a Host

As a host you can run your own little mini business and make some extra money meeting people from all over the world. Obviously, as a Homestay host it's important to ensure all your guests have a fantastic homestay experience. 5 Heart reviews will follow and then other guests will be eager to stay with you! We don't need to tell you how to welcome the guests in your home, we'll leave that part to you. But we can offer lots of advice on how to win over those guests in the first place.

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