North America

Written by Melissa Knowlton

9 Unexpected Experiences of an American Student Living Abroad

Melissa, currently in her second semester abroad, discusses the top nine most unexpectedly shocking things she experienced when first moving to a new country.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Travel to Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival

With the release of Disney movie "Coco", we take a look at Mexico's distinctive culture and history for the Day of the Dead festival View the photo guide to this colourful festival.

Written by Mary Plunkett

10 of the best brunches in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city that does so many things well, but if there is one thing it really excels at, it's brunch. Vancouverites are passionate about their weekend egg sessions and the race to get...

Written by Sally Meacham

Top 10 Need to Do's in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is the Queen city of Ohio, and we have the ultimate top 10 to check out. I moved to Cincinnati halfway through my sophomore year of high school. Although I'm now living in Vermont I still pine after some of my favourites especially Skyline chilli.

Written by Mary Plunkett

The best street food NYC has to offer

Discover New York City through its food trucks and get an authentic taste of American food at its greatest with our guide to the best street food in The Big Apple.

Written by Colm Hanratty

10 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Explore in Chicago

Chicago epitomises the word 'city' with some of the world’s most famous skyscrapers, sports teams and culinary delights being found there. It's also home to some of the coolest neighbourhoods.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Holidays to Mexico: Uncover the Colourful Culture Beyond the Usual Resorts

Think Mexico is nothing but beach resorts? Think again with the guide to Mexico, for top destinations where you can get a real feel for the country.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Travel to Cuba: Everything you Need to Know to Plan your Trip

Find out all you need to know to plan a trip to Cuba with the expert guide from Learn why you should stay in a casa particular, what to pack and when to visit.

Written by Mary Plunkett

5 Boston neighbourhoods for you to explore

Boston is a city that’s full of charm. While other East Coast cities like New York or Washington D.C. appear imposing and full of grandeur, Boston has a local, cosy feel to it that makes it easily navigable and a joy to explore. If you’re...

Written by Guest Blogger: Laurence Norah

Everything you should do when visiting Savannah, Georgia

I recently spent five days in Savannah with Homestay, staying with the lovely Patty in her homestay out on Tybee Island. I’ve written a post about why you should...