Homestay in Siem Reap district - Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Tola and his family of three children live in the village nearby Siem Reap town.
They offer their bamboo huts and others in the area for guests to get experienced with their lifestyle, their culture and their food through their stay. The family lives simply and found PAPAPYA to provide social benefits to itself and others in the region through their tourism objectives and the income they earn offers opportunity for their children and other unfortunate children to get education that they go to schools and learn every day , food they eat and shelter they sleep. All are theirs. Thank you, guests that come and make better change every day.
Come and explore the journey with us.
Tola and family



House Facilities
  • Garden
  • Bikes for use
  • Computer
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Internet Access
  • Welcomes
  • Males
  • Females
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Students

Bedrooms available for booking


Double Room
Sleeps 2

Bathroom shared (with family / other guests)
1 Double Bed

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Simple room as local Khmer using in their home.

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 1 guest
2 guests
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About the Area

Our house is 3 kilo meters from Old Market ( Siem Reap town ). Only 7 minutes to town and 20 minutes to Angkor Wat temples.
It takes 20 minutes from Airport. Our home is situated in village where it is quieter from road traffic.

Local Area Facilities
  • Park


Please note that only a light breakfast is included in the room rate. All other meals will incur an additional cost. Meals and any additional payment should be arranged directly with your host.

Included in the stay
  • Light Breakfast
  • Use of Kitchen
Available on request at an extra cost
  • Full Board

House Rules

Be your home. Keep the things at where they are and cleaning kitchen.

Smoking is allowed outdoors only.

17 Reviews

  • 5 hearts
    May 2017

    My first homestay experiece has turned out to be nothing short of amazing. Tola, the kids, the neighbours were the kindest people that Ive met in a long time. I spent alot of times with the kids, talking, teaching them new games, and learnt that their lives arent that much different from ours. The sweet old woman who is their neighbour cooked all of my meals and even did my laundry. The kids even took me around their village. A short walk from their home gives you scenery breathtaking views of rice plantations, and the locals that tend to them. I cannot recommend this place enough for anyone who wants to experience the authentic Cambodian rural life. Their home is abit tricky to find as it is deep within the village but Tola is good in staying in touch.

    Thank you so much for the memories,

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  • 5 hearts
    August 2016

    We had a wonderful time with Tola and his family. The room is basic but has everything you need, and a lovely outdoor shower. The children are wonderful and kind, we spent most of the time chatting and playing with them. Unfortunately we didn't see much of Tola or Arun because Tola's father was ill, it would have been lovely to see him more, but that will have to wait until next time! Thank you for opening up your home and treating us with such kindness. Ruby and Maya X

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  • 5 hearts
    July 2016

    I was tired and grumpy when i arrived at siem reap, after getting visa and luggage, i found a happy face greeted me, my tuk tuk driver, Sarath, with a large umbrella to cover me from the rain who took me to my homestay. I arrived at home stay in shock, realising the living conditions are so basic. With so much mud and potholes along the way. So much dirt I am thinking to myself, crap what have i done.
    Conversing with people in the village was hard and I found it somewhat difficult and frustrating. Showering with spiders. Mozzies relentless in sucking my blood. Always after a good feed which i provided, not without protest.
    After 2 days I wanted to go home. But after i settled in and got over myself, I started to see the beauty of the place. There is MUCH LIFE in Papaya village. The rooster crowing at 5 in the morning, my own alarm clock, the dogs, lily, scratching your leg for attention and black dog. The kittens, so playful and cheeky. Always after your food, happy to share if you are. The silly ducks that chase you, the geese that also chase, especially the male, like an old man always in trouble with the wife and wanted to pay out on the people walking past. The heat so relentless. The rain cooling down the day, sometimes. The people wonderful, friendly, warm hearted and so welcoming, making sure you are comfortable and happy. Tola the story teller of both hardship and finding inner peace and lots of laughter, a belly full of laughing, always up for a joke, a laugh and a good chat who can speak english well enough, who used to live in a box with 4 walls and not much room for 6 people, (in order to find out you need to visit) Arun, Tola's wife the happy wanderer who loves her husband to bits, Sopek, the eldest son and also Master whiz with a computer of any size, Rexia, a calming influence, quiet and reserved, Somon, but you can call her Aun, the youngest, outgoing and always in a happy mood. Playful and engaging. The creative chef, Maol, Mrs smiley. Traditional cook, but willing to try cooking many different foods. Always cooking but never seem to be eating. That is why she is so thin even after having 4 children. Happy to tell me i have put on weight since I arrived. Thankyou very much not really. Bodie, Maol's husband, ever the handy man, good at unblocking things especially my toilet. Not sure if he was happy about it, the screwed up face was always the give away, but if something needed to be fixed he was the man. Sarin, a woman of short stature but not short of character. Warm and willing. Will wash your laundry. Happy to sweep away all those creepy crawlies in your cottage room. The children, so many happy to meet new people Will melt your heart. Lots of sreaming and laughing. Happy for a lap to sit on. Maol's youngest . Funny little man. Loves playing in the rain. And last but, certainly not least, Sarath Tuk tuk driver. Good grasp of the english language and very good with taking you anywhere you want to go. Knows siem reap like the back of he's hand. Had some great conversations with Sarath. Caring and considerate. I was blessed that he let me see inside he's life. Ask and you shall receive. If he doesn't know something, he'll tell you. Shy at first but not for long. Depends on your personality. It was 12 days of wonderful at Papaya village, in a place of plenty. Relax and take it easy. Expect the unexpected and be changed in more ways that you can imagine. I wouldnt change my visit for anything. Carolan

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  • 5 hearts
    May 2016

    Tola's family is a very friendly and warm extended family. He has recently adopted even more children. The rooms were comfortable. If you ever had questions they were always willing to help. I also had food, proper cambodian home food and it was awesome. They have also got a friend from the same village who is a tuk tuk driver. He is very friendly. I enjoyed my stay but will try cooler season next time!

  • 5 hearts
    April 2016

    Brilliant three nights with Tola and his lovely family. We were made to feel so welcome from the moment we arrived and cold water, fresh fruit and other food was always available. Tola's wife is a nice lady who cooks delicious fried rice for breakfast and meat, fish and veg dishes for dinner if you'd like. We asked how much we owed at the end of the stay and Tola said "you can pay whatever you like, what matters is you found peace and relaxation here" - so refreshing and of course we paid a little extra than quoted as it is incredible value for money anyway. The bamboo huts are simple but comfortable and lovely to listen to the sounds of the country at night. There is also a trusted tuk tuk driver who is a refreshing change from the norm and includes advice and information en route. All in all a wonderful experience. Thank you to the whole family! Martin and Hayley, UK.

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  • 5 hearts
    March 2016

    I traveled for a month thru SE Asia in November 2015 and stayed several days with Tola and his family. It was the highlight of my trip! I loved getting to know his family and kids and I particularly cherished the many conversations he and I had about peace, forgiveness and the importance to live a rich life. Visiting Phnom Penh's killing fields took on a different meaning because of understanding and knowing Tola's story. I can highly recommend staying with him. He will arrange any guide and transportation you may need. His home is very comfortable and the food his wife cooked as delicious! It is truly a 5 star experience better than any hotel! You will not regret it!

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  • 5 hearts
    February 2016

    Wonderful, amazing, brilliant.
    This was the highlight of my trip to Asia and my daughter has already arranged to return. Tola's family are fantastic, friendly and beautiful. Their home is in a cute little village with rice fields around. I loved living in a hut constructed of bamboo and swinging during the day in a hammock. Beautiful family, highly recommended for anyone wishing to travel to Cambodia. Tola also arranged for a Tuk Tuk driver for us to get around and visit Angkor Wat and other places.

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  • 5 hearts
    January 2016

    My stay in siem reap with Tola and his family was amazing. The family are so kind and friendly and so helpful. My room was all that i needed. The food made for my was also amazing. I would reccomend staying with this family to anyone! A highlight of my trip to cambodia

  • 5 hearts
    December 2015

    My husband and I stayed 3 nights with Tola and and his family in September of 2015. From the moment we arrived under the rain we were welcomed with big smiles. Their simple and beautiful home was exactly what we were hoping for and the family made sure we were comfortable at all times. The local dishes that were prepared at each meal were delicious and abundant. We enjoyed many hours sitting with the children learning games and learning about each other. They all speak excellent English! Tola's wife is a kind woman with limited English but her smile is welcoming and and she made us feel comfortable in her home. When the children were at school we were able to spend more time speaking with Tola about his involvement with the Cambodian Landmine victims and his community. Tola took us into the village one afternoon to take part in a community activity. We were welcomed graciously by everyone in the community and enjoyed being part of the village. If you are looking for an authentic 5 star experience - not a 5 star hotel - I hope that you will consider staying with the Papaya Family. We came away with something special that we will never forget. Staying with this family in their small home tucked into nature will make you wish you never had to leave. If you come with an open heart and an open mind you will learn so much from each other. We will definitely return as soon as we are able. Not only because of their wonderful little homestay but because we have become lifelong friends! This was an experience of a lifetime and we thank them all from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us into their family.

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  • 5 hearts
    September 2015

    Tola and his family were incredibly welcoming and generous. I instantly felt at home. I joined extended family for evening meals, which were delicious, and I tried loads of new dishes, including snake and chickens' feet! The girls took me on a tour of the village, showed me a dance routine they'd made up, and taught me how to play 'Tiger eat cow'. I really enjoyed talking to Reaksa about Khmer traditions and ceremonies, and learning about the fantastic community work that Tola does. Although basic, the room has a fan, mirror, mosquito nets and electricity, and Sopheak even got me connected to the internet a couple of times when I needed to book onward travel or contact home. I had initial concerns about the resident spiders, but Tola and his family were very understanding - performing a sweep of the bathroom each morning to scare away any unwanted visitors! I'm really glad I experienced this and will forever be in Tola's debt for providing such great hospitality. He says I've inspired him to work harder so that one day he and his family might be able to travel too. My home is always open to each of them! For anyone looking for more information, I'll be writing a more detailed review of my time in Portibos, including lots of photos, on my blog and would be happy to answer questions about my stay :)

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