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Welcome to Korea
Nice to meet you
Thank you for request. However as you know, the situation COVID-19 is serious in worldwide so we are not sure whether the situation is over in your schedule . So If you want to stay here then please contact me again around one month before the trip. I hope we can meet in Korea :)
Thank you

Our place is a great starting point for Korean travel as well as cultural immersion.
Prepared to welcome their foreign guests with open arm

We can Provide :
1. comfortable accommodation
2.home-cooked meals, and offer local travel information.
3.special opportunity to experience Korean culture
4.lifestyle by living with a Korean family.
5.Korean, Chinese,Japanese,English
6.Segang , Ewha woman, Yonsei , Sungkyunkwan,Korea,Dong guk,Seoul, Kun guk ,Kyunghee, University => It takes about 20~30 minutes from our house

You can experience the epitome of a modern Korean family and the beginning of a new friendship



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Über die Gegend

1. Das Hotel liegt in der zentralen Gegend von Seoul, was den Transport sehr bequem macht. Es gibt auch einen direkten Bus vom Incheon International Airport. Die wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten von Seoul sind leicht zu Fuß, mit dem Bus oder der U-Bahn zu erreichen.
2. Chungmuro ​​Station ist eine Minute entfernt.
3. Die Dauer nach Myeongdong zu Fuß wäre 10 Minuten, mit der U-Bahn wäre eine Station von Chungmuro ​​Station. Die Dauer nach Namsan Hanokmaeul (Namsam Hanok Village) beträgt 5 Minuten zu Fuß.
4. Die Dauer zum DongDaeMun Markt zu Fuß wäre 10 Minuten, mit der U-Bahn wäre auch eine Station von Chungmoro Station.
5. Die Dauer zu NamDaeMun Market und Lotte Mart zu Fuß wäre 15-20 Minuten, mit der U-Bahn wäre zwei Stationen entfernt.
6. Touristische Ziele wie Königspalast, Deoksugung, Rathaus, Gwanghwamun, wären nur 3 bis 5 U-Bahnstationen entfernt. Unser Haus liegt auch ganz in der Nähe des Namsam Parks, wo sich der berühmte Namsam Tower mit Blick auf die gesamte Landschaft von Seoul befindet.

In der Nähe
  • Park
  • Fitness-Studio
  • Bowling
  • Kino
  • Bibliothek
  • Museum
  • Einkaufszentrum
  • Sporthalle
  • Restaurant
  • Bushaltestelle
  • Bahnhof
  • Krankenhaus


Gastfamilien können nach eigenem Ermessen ein kostenloses leichtes Frühstück anbieten. Für alle anderen Mahlzeiten, einschließlich eines kompletten Frühstücks, fallen möglicherweise zusätzliche Kosten an. Mahlzeiten und zusätzliche Zahlungen sollten direkt mit Ihrer Gastfamilie vereinbart werden.

Im Aufenthalt eingeschlossen
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  • Selbstverpflegung


1. Der Preis gilt nur für das Zimmer und Frühstück.
 Das Frühstück wird nur zwischen 7.30 Uhr und 9.00 Uhr serviert. Bitte beachten Sie die Frühstückszeit.
Abendessen ist optional (10 $ / eine Mahlzeit, 200 $ / ein Monat)
2. Streng Rauchverbot im Haus.
3. Die Gäste erhalten die Schlüssel für das Haus und das Zimmer. Bitte beachten Sie die Stille, wenn Sie spät nach Hause kommen.
4. Sollten Sie Probleme oder Bedenken haben, informieren Sie bitte sofort Mama.
Vielen Dank für Ihre Zusammenarbeit.

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3 Bewertungen

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    United States
    Alter 45 - 54

    5 Herzen
    November 2019

    This review is long overdue…죄송합니다.

    I was the first Homestay.com guest at Mama’s House.
    I had decided to take an adventure to Asia last summer (2018); two weeks in Japan and 2 weeks in Korea (I then went to Korea again winter 2019) This was my very first-time leaving Los Angeles on my own traveling so far away. I was excited but extremely nervous. All alone in a foreign land and not being able to understand Korean (or Japanese) made it even more nerve-racking. I knew I was definitely in for an adventure...

    I had made plans to stay in two places I found on Homestay.com. But while I was in Japan I got a text from one of my hosts for the second week that she had to cancel due to an injury (she’s OK now). When I got to Korea I had a week to find another place, but after 2 requests getting denied (or ignored), I was thinking I’d just stay another week, but I decided to try looking for a place one more time. I finally found Mama’s House, but there were no Homestay.com reviews so I was a bit nervous. They did, however, have pictures of hosts having a good time looking like they were enjoying themselves...and so I contacted them and crossed my fingers.

    They accepted me. Hoooray!!! As the day neared to head out of my current location we were in constant contact. This helped a lot.

    So what did I think of my experience at Mama’s House?...

    • People:
    The most important...
    This is a family of 5. There is the matriarch of the family, “Mama” (어머니 [oh-moh-nee]). Then there are 2 daughters: Sunny and Youngsu. Since Youngsu is a little bit older than me she preferred that I call her “Older Sister” (누나 [Nunah {In Korea you use different terms depending on whether you are male or female}]). There is Youngsu’s husband too. I think we agreed to “Older Brother-in-law” (형님 [hyeongnim] or maybe it was자형 [ja-hyeong) and then Youngsu’s (누나) daughter, YooYeon (유연); I call her “Niece” (조카딸 [joh-ka-ttal]). If it weren’t for YooYeon’s kindness, patience and willingness to interpret the Korean conversations into English, I would have been sooo lost. There were other family members and friends who would stop by the apartment. In addition to the family members, there were other guests that were staying in the apartment who tended to be a Japanese university or sometimes middle school students taking Korean classes. It truly felt like a (multi-cultural) family. Unfortunately, I was the odd-man-out since I didn’t know Japanese or Korean and the Japanese students didn’t feel comfortable speaking English. We did have a few short conversations though.

    • Animals:
    There are two dogs that live in the apartment so if you have any allergies or are not comfortable around dogs you might want to ask Youngsu about them before you make arraignments. Also, one of the dogs, Sammy, is very, VERY, protective of Sunny, so do not get too close to her room and keep your distance from Sunny when Sammy is being held by her or is near her. There are a couple of pee-pads in the apartment for the dogs; one at the door (so be careful when you come in) and one towards the back of the apartment. Sometimes the dogs would miss their target [The dogs are young...what can you do?], but the urine/poop would be cleaned up immediately.

    • Location - Was it good? Was it as described?
    When I exited the subway (I think my 2nd time using it), I was greeted by Youngsu and her daughter, YooYeon, and they guided me to where I was going to stay, which was at their mother’s/grandmother’s apartment.
    Although Youngsu manages the guests’ requests, the guests usually stay at her mother’s apartment [thus “Mama’s House”], which is just a few feet away from Youngsu’s apartment. The building is quite old and definitely could use a makeover, but the apartment is nice. I really liked “Mama’s (어머니 [oh-moh-nee]) pearl inlaid dresser. There are two guest rooms, a room with a big TV that is sectioned off by a curtain; “Mama” (어머니 [oh-moh-nee]) usually sleeps there and the other daughter’s room, Sunny’s room, is hidden away in the kitchen area. There are no walls that separate the kitchen and the common area.

    • Expectations - Were they met?
    My first time in Korea I was in “survival mode.” Everything was new and I was just trying not to offend anyone. But as the days went by, I felt more at ease. So, I would say, YES! my expectations were met. I had a nice room with A/C, a nice family who looked after me, and I could get to the subway within minutes of the apartment. What more could a guy want??? [Answer: Cooler weather during summer. :-)]

    •Hospitality - How would you describe the host?
    Even though I was quite nervous, they accepted me with open arms and wanted to know more about me and where I came from. Even though I could not speak/understand Korean YooYeon was kind enough to make time to help us communicate with each other, even after a busy day at her university. The second time I came to Korea, YooYeon was in Indonesia, so it was a bit more difficult to communicate, but still doable. I could go on and on about how helpful they were when I needed help getting around, like when I got sick and I needed some medicine[during 2x visit] or when Youngsu came with me to the bank to help me figure out why I couldn’t withdraw my money [long story!] or going on walks together with Sammy... Even though “Mama” and I could not communicate all too well I always felt she had my best interest at heart and made sure I was fed; Youngsu and “Mama” even took me out for porridge. Sunny was also very cordial too and would do her best to speak to me in English. Unfortunately, Sunny’s schedule made it difficult for us to see each other as much as I saw the other family members. Yungsu’s husband was also kind, he would insist on taking me out for a beer (even though I don’t drink beer).

    • Housekeeping - Was the house kept clean?
    The apartment overall was homely and clean. The rooms were cozy and clean as well. The one bathroom is shared amongst the family and guests, but remained well kept; “Mama” would clean the bathroom and the floors. The bathroom had a washing machine for my clothes, but not a clothes dryer. All your clothes will be dried outside hanging on a clothesline [This is typical in Asia]. Right next to the washing machine was the shower. There was a small curtain to reduce the water from entering the washing machine area. And right next to where you would take a shower was a sink and near the washing machine was, thankfully, a modern toilet.

    • Amenities - What was there to do and see in the local area?
    Let’s see... The apartment is in (or near) downtown Seoul, so the area has more of a business feel to it than a residential or party ambiance. I think the area is considered a “print district.” You’ll see a lot of paper (posters and the like) being moved from place to place on motorcycles. I think I even saw one of those old mechanical offset printing presses, but you could also see digital printing companies just a few feet away. You can “feel” this “fight” between keeping the old traditional way of life versus the new, modern, digital way of life. When I first visited Korea, I basically stayed local, very local. I walked around in the summer heat/humidity. Youngsu would take me to Namsangol Hanok Village which is very nearby. We also walked or took the subway to City Hall. There’s also an underground shopping area close by. If you take it all the way, you’ll reach the Lotte shopping complex; it’s BIG!! You can get anything there; food, clothing, skincare, etc... Since you are 1-3 minutes away from the subway, you could get to other (touristy) areas as well – like Myeong-dong – in 5 minutes. If you are a party guy or girl you most probably will need to go a bit further out by taking the subway to Itaewon, which is about (maybe) 20 min. away; it’s really easy getting to any major district from the apartment.

    OK...If you made it this far – give yourself a pat on the back. Kudos to you!!! I just want to end by giving you a few tips:

    1) If you wear jeans, be sure to bring more than what you need. They take forever to dry (during winter even longer) so you will need a few extra days of pants to wear while the clothes are drying or be sure to buy some extra clothes when you get to Korea.
    2) Learn as much Korean as you can before you leave. “Mama” will be very happy.
    3) This is NOT a hotel. This is someone’s home. They have pets and therefore you will have to accept what pets do. If you didn’t grow up with a pet or don’t have a house pet, you might not be used to some of the issues that come with having pets in an enclosed area.
    4) Although you do not need to bring it, be sure you get some kind of skin lotion and lip balm soon after you arrive in Korea (both male and female). Your skin will probably get really dry soon after you arrive.
    5) It’s hard to share with you every little thing I experienced. This is just a small part of my adventure in Korea. I came back again during winter and I stayed at “Mama’s House” a second time. Unfortunately, I got sick the whole time I was there, but as I mentioned above, Youngsu helped me get some medicine.
    6) When you enter the bathroom, keep in mind someone might have taken a shower right before you, so your clothes might get a little wet; be sure to take off your socks and roll up your pants before you enter.

    If you are a lone, shy, traveler and this is your first time traveling to Korea and you don’t know anyone, I highly encourage you to contact Youngsu and at least spend a couple of days with them. You will make new friends with them as well as with their other guests. They are easy-going and will help you get around the local area. I am eternally grateful to the Kang family and I hope I can return to Korea and visit them once again. Miss you all! Thank You! 감사합니다 (gam-sa-ham-ni-da)!

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  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    United States
    Alter 75+

    5 Herzen
    März 2019

    Youngsu and her family were so warm friendly and kind to me during my stay that I felt like I was in my second "home."
    Youngsu is a great cook and made healthy and delicious breakfasts for me.
    I highly recommend her as a host!

  • Picture?type=square&height=200&width=200

    Alter 25 - 34

    5 Herzen
    Dezember 2018

    Lovely family.
    Very helpful.
    Nice and cozy house.
    Two well-trained dogs.

    The only issue was a funny smell in the house, but that's the smell of the anti-animal-stench-spray, and it's a normal thing when there's two little dogs in the apartment.

    Overall, it was so great I even want to return and never try any other homestay, ha ha ha.

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