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Frederique war zuvor bei 3 Gastfamilien geblieben

Ich war im November 2018
New York City - United States

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Homestay-Gastfamilie Anna in ,
Ich war im November 2018
Littleton - United States

Treffen Sie David

Homestay-Gastfamilie David in ,
Ich war im November 2017
Boston - United States

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Homestay-Gastfamilie Ms Inez in ,

Bewertungen von Gastfamilien

Frederique hat 2 Bewertungen

  • Januar 2019

    Frederique arrived and told me that she had run out of money and therefore could only stay three nights. I was worried about her spending the night without a room in New York City and offered her to stay and pay me later by a transfer to my German bank account. She promised to pay me in December. I emailed her and she told me she would pay by January 15. Now it's the end of January and I have not received the money for the extra night. Most likely she had no intentions of paying me. Potential hosts should be aware of this behavior.

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  • November 2018

    Frederique was a pleasure to host. She was very thoughtful and considerate, easy to talk with, and became one of the family during her stay.

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