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Davide hat 2 Bewertungen

  • Dezember 2018

    We feel very blessed and so honored to him for a week like truly brotherhood .
    Thank again from our hearts for staying and supporting our community with your kindness !
    Looking forward to seeing you again !l
    Be safe and happy !
    Bun & Crew x

  • Dezember 2018

    Davide was a great guest. Intelligent and well traveled we spent a great deal of time during his stay discussing a vast array of world topics in addition to the usual Thai culture and information.
    He reveled in the local food and customs and spent each day exploring and bargain hunting throughout Bangkok.
    A clean, tidy and respectful guest he was a delight to host and we look forward to his return stay with his brother over Christmas after he completes the Cambodian leg of his journey.
    Highly recommended to all prospective future hosts.

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