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Uriel war zuvor bei 2 Gastfamilien geblieben

Ich war im August 2017
Donabate - Ireland

Treffen Sie Carol

Homestay-Gastfamilie Carol in ,
Ich war im Juli 2017
toronto - Canada

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Homestay-Gastfamilie Helen in ,

Bewertungen von Gastfamilien

Uriel hat 2 Bewertungen

  • Januar 2018

    Very nice, clean and respectful young man! I vouch for him!

  • Dezember 2017

    I did not appreciate Uriel as a guest because of her behavior. She would get into fights with my other guest, a quiet high school student from China, who stayed in my house for over 3 years...

    One evening she went completely berserk and started banging on my student's door for half an hour at 11 o'clock in the evening for something really minute. I felt super uncomfortable having an explosive person like this in my house and asked her to move out, offering her money back, but she refused, saying that this money wouldn't be enough to stay even in a hostel (!!!) while she was getting 3 meals a day in my house... She stayed the remainder of that month.

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