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Bewertungen von Gastfamilien

Daniel hat 5 Bewertungen

  • Februar 2021

    A most quiet and respectful guest. Thank you Daniel.

  • Dezember 2020

    Fantastic guest! Very easygoing and helpful with my plants :)

  • Oktober 2020

    una experiencia maravillosa, Daniel muy simpatico, correcto y gentil

  • Dezember 2019

    Daniel is super easy going person.

  • November 2019

    I love homestay , because they give me guests like Daniel.
    Daniel was my guest for 2 months and I spent days in pleasant company. He was very interested in learning about ancient Rome and he also loved to discover the beautiful churches and to take part in various religious events. So we celebrated together the feast of san Francis of Assisi and the feast of Padre Pio, partecipating in the procession in piazza Navona. He fit very well into my family and my mom loved him very much. I greatly appraciated his education and his kindness.
    Daniel has a deep traveling soul. I wish him safe and fulfitting encounters, many happy connections and the best of luck on his journeys. You are always welcome back to Rome.

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