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Naturaleza Estilo de época
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Por la vera vacanza in famiglia italiana, ma en appartamento indipendente, con piscina de un disposizione, un dall'aeroporto due passi, a 15 minuti da Roma centro, ma senza La confusione e lo estrés della città.
I nostri ospiti sono vienen nostri amici e ci prendiamo cura di loro senza loro invadere la privacidad.
Per lo chi Desidera preparerò la cena con specialità italiane e vino della nostra Vigna da gustare en Compagnia della famiglia nostra, composta da mi, mio ​​marito, mio ​​figlio di 18 mia figlia di 10 anni anni e ..
Possediamo delle BELLISSIME automático d'epoca e Vespe con cui è possibile tarifa de un tour di Roma o dei Castelli Romani.
La casa nostra ... è la vostra casa .... Vi aspettiamo

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Desde 34 por noche
Duermen 2

Cuarto de baño privado (exclusivo para el huésped)
1 Doble Bed

Dormitorio disponibleHabitación no disponible

Tamaño: 16 m2 (172,2 m2)

  • Escritorio y lámpara
  • TV
  • Cómoda / cajones
  • Armario / Ropero
  • Vestidor / Mesita al lado de la cama
  • Espejo
  • Secador de pelo
  • Radio
 1 huésped
2 huéspedes
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Desde 39 por noche
Duermen 2

Cuarto de baño privado (exclusivo para el huésped)
1 Doble Bed

Dormitorio disponibleHabitación no disponible

cámara elegante e spaziosa con terrazzino Privato correo vista sui Castelli Romani

  • Escritorio y lámpara
  • Cómoda / cajones
  • Vestidor / Mesita al lado de la cama
  • Espejo
  • Secador de pelo
 1 huésped
2 huéspedes
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Estamos a 4 km del centro de Ciampino. Al confirmar su reserva usted recibirá un correo electrónico con nuestra dirección completa por lo que no tendrá ningún problema para encontrar nosotros.

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Los anfitriones pueden ofrecer un desayuno ligero por cortesía, pero no es obligatorio. Si se ofrecen servicios de comidas, tendrán un coste adicional. Las comidas y cualquier otro pago adicional se le pagarán directamente al anfitrión.

Included in the stay
  • Desayuno Ligero
  • Acceso a la Cocina
Disponible bajo petición con coste extra
  • Desayuno completo
Comida preparada
  • Vegetariano

Normas de la casa

Please keep our home secure and double-lock the front door when entering and leaving the house

Please do not adjust the heat settings yourself, ask me and I will happily do it for you

Keep noise to a minimum after midnight please

Please do not invite strangers into our home; if you would like to invite a friend over just agree it with me in advance

Please enjoy your stay and treat our house as you would your own home!

There is no better way to learn a foreign language than to speak it in everyday situations. Your host Rossana offers qualified language instruction in her native language Italian. One hour of instruction costs 7.00 EUR. The classes will be given by the family member at the accommodation.

The room rate includes the following services: regular room cleaning and internet access

Additional available services at an extra charge (payable directly to your host on arrival):

Pick up service: 5.00 EUR one-way
Lunch: 12.00 EUR per person per night
Dinner: 12.00 EUR per person per night
Charge for washing machine usage: 4.00 EUR per machine load

Sólo está permitido fumar fuera de la casa.

13 Evaluaciones

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    United States
    Edad 45 - 54

    2 corazones
    noviembre 2018

    There were several things that went wrong with our stay with Rossana. First of all, the pictures she shows on Homestay has a VW type van in it so we thought with 4 people being picked up at the train station she would have brought that for our luggage. Plus for the fact that I messaged her and let her know we each had a suitcase and a carry-on. However, she showed up with a small car that had so much trash in the back we had to move things around just to put what luggage we could in the hatch area. When we saw the dilemma of the small car, she just looked at us and didn't even offer to help put the luggage in the car or anything. We had to ride with suitcases on our laps to the residence. Thank goodness her residence was only 3 or 4 miles from the train station.

    Second, it states on her Homestay page that a light breakfast is served which is what is stated on the other 2 places we stayed which consisted of yogurt, fruit, cakes, eggs, juice and coffee. Well Rosanna's "light breakfast" consisted of dried toast in sealed bags, jelly and instant coffee. She told us if we wanted anything else we would have to pay her 7 Euro each. On the way to her house the first time from the train station, I was really thirsty and asked her if she by chance had any water or anything I could drink once we got there. Her response was "You can purchase items in the small refrigerator if you want something to drink." Really? We are your guests! And then the refrigerator had hardly anything in it and each thing was expensive!

    Third, it states that she can take you to and from the train station for 5 Euro each way, which is ridiculous considering the short distance. The next morning when we were ready to go, we noticed there was a donut tire, not a regular tire, on the little car we were riding in which is so unsafe!

    Fourth, again, she states she can take you and pick you up from train station with no limitations on times, etc. When she asked the day before our departure day to fly back to the states, what time we need to leave, I tell her we need to leave by 6am to catch the train, which we had prepaid for, in order to get to our flight in time. She then sends me a message and states that she can't pick us up the night before at the train station or take us to the train station the next morning. We booked this almost a year ago and informed her we would need to be picked up and dropped off each day. So why was this not planned out on her part? We ended up having to get a taxi to come get us which cost way more than the train did. Hence, the fifth issue. She has a locked gate at the end her road. She messaged me stating the key would be in the key hole of the gate door beside the moving gate for us to get out when the taxi came. Well, it was 6am, raining, windy, we drug our luggage all the way down the gravel road to find there was no key. I knocked on her door, no answer. Her mother in law lives on the other side of the house so I had to knock on her door, get her out of bed, because we had no way to get off of the property. Her mother in law was very nice, came out in the horrible weather and opened the gate for us. She even went and looked at the key hole and saw there was no key.

    The 6th issue. The shower leaked so bad around the tub that she even put a towel down between the wall and the tub and we had to go through numerous towels to sop up all the water, every day. In each room, she has unscrewed 3 light bulbs, to save on energy, but so her guests has hardly any light to see. We tried to reach the bulbs to turn them on, but because the ceilings were so high we couldn't.

    The last issue, Nowhere in her ad for her Homestay does she state there are 2 flights of stairs you have to climb to get to the apartment. There was no one there to help us with our luggage and we had our 69 year old mother with us. Who does that? At least at the other Homestays, there was a gentleman there to help with the luggage due to having to climb steep steps to the top floor.

    Having had such a wonderful experience with our first two places, it was VERY disappointing to end our 11 day trip to Italy in such a fashion. It is very obvious that Rosanna is about the money and not about customer service.

    I would not recommend this Homestay to anyone.

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    Respuesta del Anfitrión
    Familia anfitriona de Homestay Rossana en ,

    Read the other reviews it's not true! You are a deserving person, and you would have sent your elderly mother to walk and take the stairs with those ridiculous huge suitcases so as not to spend the taxy money at 4 am. I spend money on food and gasoline and my family has to eat, I do not have another job, and if someone is so stingy that they do not want to pay for food or gas they should only be ashamed. The big bottle of water costs 1 euro, it is not expensive, you forgot to write that you sent me dozens of questions from the previous year with the most absurd requests, as if I were your servant, are things that you could very well read on internet, but you like to exploit people and then be ungrateful. You left the house flooded and it never happened to me! If you can not open a gate it's your fault, the other guests always do it. The taxy, however, I called him and I made you get a good price, because at 6 in the morning I can not leave my children alone at home. The seventies bus was broken and if you had not brought 20 suitcases there would have been no problems with my Mercedes. If you wanted a limousine to go to the station you could rent it but if you seemed expensive 5 euros for 4 people what do you expect? the taxy takes € 20 for the same journey. The people who came here love me and keep me going, but they are beautiful person.......

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    United States
    Edad 25 - 34

    5 corazones
    octubre 2018

    My stay in Italy with Rossana was so wonderful!
    Such a sweet lady willing to help any way she can. She guided me with important information with taking the train and where to go. I'm so happy my stay in Italy was at her home.
    The room was so charming, clean, and enchanting and the apartment had a lovely vintage theme that had the perfect aesthetic.

    A lovely stay to say at the very least, thank you so much!
    Best Wishes Always, Cassandra:)

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  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8ymjcznzk zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  df12d0d43e28c3e802192594c1ac119d4264cd94&style=small

    Edad 25 - 34

    5 corazones
    junio 2018

    Rosanna is such a sweetheart, very kind lady and helpful
    I had issue with the train to catch my walking tour and after i told her she helped me right away. She is a very lovely lady and it was a right decision to stay with her.
    She guided me where to go to the station and picked me up.
    The room is so cute and unique and also clean
    It was a great stay and thank you so much Rosanna, all the best for you and your family


    Respuesta del Anfitrión
    Familia anfitriona de Homestay Rossana en ,

    Mille grazie a te. Baci . Ciao bella

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8ymdc0ntm zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  50cf4e84bd9fdfc362f488fbe3196e98cbae0f92&style=small

    Edad 25 - 34

    5 corazones
    mayo 2018

    I really had a good time at Rossanas house.
    She is very kind and cared me well.
    Always smiling and made me happy:)
    It was the most memorable time to make pizza and pasta with family, share and talk our culture.
    All of the family members are very nice!

    Actually it needed more time and money than expected to go to Roma from her house, you need to ask her to pick up every time(5€/one way,10 minutes by car) and then take train.
    Due to sharing one bathroom with four people, i had limited use.

    Campino is a quiet and safe area, you will definitely enjoy your stay in a beautiful and big house with such a wonderful family.
    Highly recommend!
    In addition, people who use ciampino air port, it is the perfect !
    Thank you!

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  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8ymtkxmda zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  5c6837843a8f6122a22b0e4042cbba81795f6ba9&style=small

    Edad 65 - 74

    5 corazones
    abril 2018

    very nice family

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8xodg4nju zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  59497cd8a6f65f00089b221d9605b30e872da501&style=small

    Edad 65 - 74

    5 corazones
    septiembre 2017

    Absolutely wonderful! Lovely room, great location and a family with whom you feel you belong. I'm going back as soon as I can. Thanks so much Rosanna.

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8xntc0odi zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  2d0647cae5c5a123797bd7ce3ada5feaf64b551e&style=small

    Edad 45 - 54

    5 corazones
    mayo 2017

    My stay with Rossana and her family was wonderful. A short train ride from the main train station in Rome. The bed was super comfy and everything was clean and tidy. Highly recommend staying with Rossana and I hope to return soon.

  • Picture?type=square&height=200&width=200

    Edad 45 - 54

    5 corazones
    octubre 2016

    First of a all me and my family were very happy to stay at Rossanas lovely apartment. It is very charmning and you have a lot of privacy. My children help Alexandro ( Rossanas man ) and her mother-in-law picking olives, which was very funny.
    I stayed a bit longer than the rest of my family, because I wanted to be to improve my italian and I learn at lot of Italian because Rossana is a very good teacher. During my stay I had dinner with Rossanas family every night and It was a pleasure to be around the sweet and welcoming family and I enjoyed the lovely italian meals. . Further more the family offers a unique tour to Rome on a scooter or a in vintage car - which must be the perfect way to visit this lovely town. If you want to go to Rome by public traffic, it only take between 12-15 minutes with the train, then you are at the central station i Rome (Termini). Next time you go to visit Rome don´t hesitate to stay at Rossanas lovely wineyard.

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  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussimz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci82mje1nd9lehbpcmvzx2lubjsavekidhb1cnbvc2ugowbussimzgvmyxvsday7afrjig9lehbpcmvzx2f0bjsavda%3d  5177ac1378f3ab04d6a802c8dd6183c48efb074f&style=small

    Edad 55 - 64

    5 corazones
    septiembre 2016

    We had a great stay in Ciampino, with Rossana and her family. Ciampino is on the outskirts of Rome and is an easy 15 minute train ride to the main terminal in Rome. From the there we used the hop on hop off bus to get to all the things we want to see. Her place is located on a little vineyard on the outside of Ciampino. We were provided a light breakfast every morning and Rossana took us to the train station. One of the best pieces of information that Rossana gave us was to go to Saturnia and the natural thermal river. It was incredible! Rossana, thank you for everything!

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  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussimz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci85mjcyod9lehbpcmvzx2lubjsavekidhb1cnbvc2ugowbussimzgvmyxvsday7afrjig9lehbpcmvzx2f0bjsavda%3d  ba01d766e60a1c470800083517bbce044e7635da&style=small

    Edad 35 - 44

    5 corazones
    junio 2016

    C est un domaine comme on voit dans ses rêves quand on pense à la campagne italienne. Haut de gamme. Biutiful famille, la cuisine traditionnelle de Rossana est excellente. On a partagé des moments de complicité et des discussions intéressantes. Merveilleuse prestation que je conseille à tout le monde.

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