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Chris se alojó anteriormente con 15 familias de acogida

Stayed in noviembre 2018
Harrogate - United Kingdom

Conoce a Sarah

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Sarah en ,
Stayed in octubre 2018
Liverpool - United Kingdom

Conoce a Lyndsay

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Lyndsay en ,
Stayed in septiembre 2018
Liverpool - United Kingdom

Conoce a Toni

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Toni en ,
Stayed in julio 2018
Edinburgh - United Kingdom

Conoce a Kamil

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Kamil en ,
Stayed in junio 2018
Manchester - United Kingdom

Conoce a Paveesuda

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Paveesuda en ,
Stayed in abril 2018
Glasgow - United Kingdom

Conoce a Morag

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Morag en ,
Stayed in diciembre 2017
Bootle - United Kingdom

Conoce a Caroline

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Caroline en ,
Stayed in diciembre 2017
Romford - United Kingdom

Conoce a Hirantha

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Hirantha en ,
Stayed in septiembre 2017
Hucknall - United Kingdom

Conoce a Marcia

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Marcia en ,
Stayed in agosto 2017
Birmingham - United Kingdom

Conoce a Laurraine

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Laurraine en ,
Stayed in julio 2017
Liverpool - United Kingdom

Conoce a Carmel

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Carmel en ,
Stayed in junio 2017
Colpetty, Colombo 3 - Sri Lanka

Conoce a Angeline

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Angeline en ,
Stayed in septiembre 2016
Colchester - United Kingdom

Conoce a Mandy

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Mandy  en ,
Stayed in mayo 2016
Birmingham - United Kingdom

Conoce a cherry

Familia anfitriona de Homestay cherry en ,
Stayed in abril 2016
Coventry - United Kingdom

Conoce a Rebecca

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Rebecca en ,

Reseñas de familias de acogida

Chris tiene 10 reseñas

  • diciembre 2018

    Very easy quiet guest, respectful and considerate

  • octubre 2018

    It was excellent to host Chris.
    Pre arrival communication was very good and Chris arrived when he said he would.
    Chris was polite and good rumoured and left the bedroom clean and tidy.
    We had a slight problem with the window blind that day and Chris coped well and we thank him for that.
    Chris would be welcome to return next time he is in Liverpool.

  • septiembre 2018

    It was lovely to have Chris stay in are home great guy !!!

  • julio 2018

    Chris was a really great guest, appreciative and kind. I was more than happy to share my experience with him.
    I highly recommend this person!
    Chris, you are always welcome here!!
    Thank you.

  • abril 2018

    Chris was a great guest. Was hardly ever here, arrived late from work then we could have a good chat. Would have him back any time

  • diciembre 2017

    Chris booked on behalf of VA for Karen.
    Karen was a lovely bubbly lady and we had a lot time talking about a lot of things.... Her work and Christmas meant she had limited time with us. We have exchanged contact details and will be in touch.
    Merry Christmas Karen.

  • septiembre 2017

    Very nice and pleasant gentleman good vibes

  • agosto 2017

    Very friendly and helpful chap, clean and considerate- no problems here

  • junio 2017

    Chris & his colleague have been wonderful guests. They are very cheerful and happy guests. We got that nice impression about them the very first day they walked into our home and we were absolutely correct in that assumption. They are very friendly and got on well even with the other inhouse guests. We will most certainly love to accommodate them in the future.

  • mayo 2017

    Chris was a great guest to Host and he was very patient with my little boy during his stay. He is so friendly and an ideal Guest for any home but especially for family settings. I trusted him implicitly and would welcome him back anytime.

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