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Stayed in junio 2017
London - United Kingdom

Conoce a Cynthia Ola

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  • agosto 2017

    When Elena made her request, she said she was attending a course in the city, and wanted a room that she will not share with anybody, I assured her, its a double room which will be occupied by her alone.

    On arrival she told me she had ten days to prepare for her thesis and at the same time do the home work she might be given in the course she was attending for 5 weeks. I asked her why she did not look for a student hostel or accommodation geared towards students only. I explained to her that most of my guest in the past have been tourist or people relocating. That I was prepared to refund her money so she could look for a student hostel. But she told me she was happy and said she loved the room. I told her that I will try and be quiet. I also suggested the kings cross library to her which is the biggest library in the Uk where students use and its also nearer to the flat, I was prepared to give her a reference letter to join the library, but she said it was ok.

    I could not watch the tv or listen to the radio, the fist time i turned on the tv on a sunday during the day, she complained. And i had to turn the tv off, And I never turned it on until she left.

    I object to her saying the room is small, this is a flat in the city, you cannot get anything bigger, a room where two beds could fit in, with a big double wardrobe, table, tv , side table, etc. I wonder what she wanted. In my rules I told the host to clean their rooms themselves, she accepted the rules but she expected me to clean after her mess in the room. I have six clean towels in the room, she used them all up without cleaning any of them. There is a lamp in the room already, i don't know why she chose to buy another lamp. She saw the way the room was on arrival, she never complained, instead she had a big grin on her face and said she loved it.

    I explained the reason why I only allow light cooking to Elena, because I have had a bad experience with guests who forgot they have the stove on while cooking and went to their room. this has lead to various incidents of burnt food and fire accidents. she fried a burger with a pot instead of a frying pan and this ended up with the pot been badly burnt that i had to throw the pot away, the table in the kitchen is covered by burnt stain because Elena never uses the table mat.

    Point of correction I have a flat in the city not a house, my kitchen is big, I chose to let her finish cooking before I do my cooking out of respect not because the kitchen was not big enough.

    she never emptied the bin, she kept the bin in her room for 5 weeks
    She is very ungrateful, I'm surprise she did not appreciate the constant lift I gave her to the supermarket to do her grocery shopping.

    she is not security conscious, she constantly forget to lock the outside door when she is living home and I always explain the importance of this to her but yet she forgets.

    She is very careless, she left all electrical appliances on when she leaves the house, on three occasions , she left the curling tongs and iron on and this caused an over loaded electrical circuit problem.

    Infact because of her, i have decided never to take on students.

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