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Patrick se alojó anteriormente con 4 familias de acogida

Stayed in febrero 2018
Santa Clara - Cuba

Conoce a Orlando

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Orlando en ,
Stayed in febrero 2018
Trinidad - Cuba

Conoce a Mirella

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Mirella en ,
Stayed in enero 2018
Viñales - Cuba

Conoce a Anadelys

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Anadelys en ,
Stayed in enero 2018
La Habana - Cuba

Conoce a Alejandra

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Alejandra en ,

Reseñas de familias de acogida

Patrick tiene 3 reseñas

  • febrero 2018

    Patrick, Carol and Roger are lovely guests, very kind and talkative. It was a pleasure to meet them, have them in our house and share our space and culture with you. Thank you very much for your visit.

  • enero 2018

    Son Personas humanas, amables, sociables, respetuosas, cordiales, nos encanto tenerlos en casa. Gracias por elegirnos

  • enero 2018

    It was really nice to host this 3 guests with me!! Really friendly persons that I hope to see and hug again on a next time. Thank you so much for staying at my hostal dear friends!!

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