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Erik tiene 3 reseñas

  • marzo 2019

    Eric was a superly and a wonderful guest! I highly recommend him. You couldn’t find better guests in the world! He was very extremely friendly. The room was very clean and neat after he left. I would be happy if he comes back to my room. I would definitely like to host him again! I can recommend him to any host. Thank you so much for visiting my place.We miss you!Ericさん!!私たちはすぐにまた会えると信じています!いつでも連絡してくださいね!Ericさんと出会えて私たちは本当に幸せでした、これからもずっと仲良くしてくださいね^^

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  • enero 2019

    He is very independent and polite.We enjoyed talking with him a lot( ^-^)
    We hope to see him again.

  • enero 2019

    Erik was a wonderful guest.It was a pleasure to host him. He was polite,kind and a very nice guest.He was also respectful of the place.The room was left in perfect condition.
    We would love to welcome him back any time.

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