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Michelle a 1 avis

  • avril 2021

    Michelle is the BEST! She's the kind of person everybody loves to be friends with. So kind, very respectful, and also fun and smart! Since she has traveled a lot and she has tons of stories to tell, it was always a pleasant experience for us to sit and chat about different things and subjects.
    She also makes THE BEST Orange&Chocolate Cake ever (It tastes like heaven!)! It was delightful for us to cook and bake together and we share a lot about food and she showed me how to cook Frikadeller (Danish meatball).
    Time flies and we really don't know how these three weeks passed, we really missed her right before she left our home.
    I definitely recommend Michelle to other hosts cause I think you shouldn't miss the chance of making a good friendship with such a personable character.

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