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Jutta a 7 avis

  • janvier 2020

    Jutta, was a great guest. She was very nice, communicative and very quiet. Also, she respected the rules of the house and left the room clean and ordered.
    I highly recommend her to other hosts.

  • janvier 2020

    Fueron excelentes huéspedes,personas muy educadas y amables y repetaronn en todo momento las normas de la casa,gracias jutta por elegir pasar tus vacaciones con nosotros.
    Las puestas de nuestra casa están abiertas para cuando quieran regresar.


  • janvier 2020


  • octobre 2018

    Jutta and Heiko were an absolute delight to host. They interacted and communicated well with us, were appreciative and obeyed all the house rules. They treated our premises with the utmost respect. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other hosts and we would welcome them back to Valentines in future.

  • octobre 2018

    We found Jutta and Heiko a very friendly and kind couple.

  • novembre 2017

    Lovely, friendly guests. They left their rooms very clean and it was a real pleasure having Jutta and Heiko stay with me! We had great conversations! I will miss them both!

  • octobre 2017

    Jutta was a pleasure to have in every way.

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