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Andrew a 4 avis

  • octobre 2019

    For me it was often difficult to understand Andrew's pronunciation , but he has been polite, sociable and good traveler.

  • octobre 2018

    Andrew is a five stars guest that I would highly recommend: I consider him as a friend before being a perfect guest.. Communication was perfect and everything went very smoothly, moreover he left the room in a great condition, so it was a real pleasure to host you, Andrew, you are one of these guests who make the HomeStay system so awesome.. I wish you all the best, bonne continuation, mon Ami, cheers!!! ;-)

  • juillet 2018

    Andy was awesome. So lively and also fitted in nicely thank you so so much for staying with us.

  • juillet 2018

    Andy was on holiday, he arrived by bus and relaxed, read his book , went for a long walk, watched our gr/son play rugby ( he's 8 years old) helped us with sheep work and generally blended in with rural life. We enjoyed your company Andy and we are still playing Yahtzee.

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