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Lei a 7 avis

  • octobre 2018

    Lei was an exceptional lady. And very clever too. She is studying animation at Curtin University and has been called to Sydney for an interview.
    I wish her all the best.
    She even took me out for a birthday dinner before she left .My birthday is today.

  • septembre 2018

    Lei was high maintenance. Though initially I enjoyed her sharing her stories and life experiences, she is a gutsy traveller, teacher and story teller, thus I was intrigued, she gave everyone in the house unsolicited "constructive feedback" on their lives constantly. Everyone felt harassed by the end. I stayed in my room until she left, as I wasn't in the mood to talk. I allowed her to stay extra time, 5 hours past checkout, to leave 5 huge suitcases parked in the livingroom for two days, as she was arranging her storage, drove her to a bus stop, dropped things at Value Village for her, took her personally to supper with a friend, and still, instead of "thanks", she was giving me "constructive feedback" on the way out the door. She complained about her last homestay host to me, and was complaining about me to her friend who picked her up.

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  • août 2018

    When guests book a Homestay they need to realize we do not provide hotel, maid service and free taxi service. We expect them to be independent and go about their business as we have our own lives as well. I like being as helpful as I can be but when I get criticized for not being available to drive them here and there at their whim I put my foot down and it stops !!! She's gone and won't be welcome back.

  • août 2018

    Mrs. Lei is a wonderful Person with a lot of good inputs in life and full of encouragement. Nice to have you stay with us. Thanks for sharing all your experiences and amazing journey in life.

  • août 2018

    Lei is a nice lady, she travels a lot and shares her exciting experience with us. We would be more than happy to have her stay in our house when she comes to Vancouver again.

  • juillet 2018

    It was a pleasure having Lei in my home. She was friendly and warm and got along nicely with my family. Lei is s very good communicator and I would welcome her to my home again.

  • juin 2018

    Lei is a very nice woman, and was a great guest in our house. We had many interesting talks, and I got to know her quite well. She is caring, friendly and flexible. She's always welcome back here :)

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