Your Host Dashboard explained.

Here at homestay HQ we have been working on a hosting dashboard to make our hosts life easier. The idea of the dashboard is to have all your relevant hosting information easily accessible in one place.


When you next login to your Host Account you will see a new tab called Dashboard, as shown below


Here you will be asked some questions about your hosting and homestay style.

You may choose from a number of options different descriptive words about your home, hosting style and personality style.

Simply go through the steps and chose the words that most closely describe you and your home.

The idea behind this feature is to help us connect you with the right guest and to give guests a better understanding of the type of host you are.

Bottom of Form Here in homestay it is one of our main goals to connect the right host to the right guest and this is one of the steps that we have made towards getting there.

The dashboard lets you see all of the important things at once and on one screen, so no digging around to read new messages, or to see who your next guest is.

You can do a number of things from within the dashboard such as:

  • Reply to requests
  • Reply to reviews
  • Refer and invite people to use

And a Link to the find guest section where you can proactively reach out to guests looking for a homestay in your area

 We hope you like our new dashboard and are always delighted to hear any feedback.

Just drop us an email if you have any feedback or need any support, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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