How to use find guests?

You don't have to wait for guests to find you! The find guest feature is a fantastic way to proactively reach out to guests and send offers to the ones that are looking in your area. The feature will display guests who are looking for a Homestay within a 50km radius of your home and you can offer to host them if you wish. 


How does it work?

Log in to your account and click “find guest” tab - located on the top grey bar. This directs you to a list of guests that are looking for a Homestay close to your location. 
Here you will be able to see their arrival and departure dates, number of nights, number of guests and budget that they have defined within their search. 
If you’d like to offer your homestay and host one of these guests, just click “contact guest”. Now you can see the guests profile and you also have the opportunity to change your listed price to match the guests budget (if you like) while increasing your changes to become a host for this guest.
You can do that by following the steps below:

In step 1: Talk to them. To help you send a message to your guest we have pre-filled the message section (as shown in the example below). But we recommend you to click here and edit the message adding extra information about your house and your family and sharing the benefits of booking to stay in your Homestay.


In Step 2: You can choose which room you would like to offer to the guest (where you have multiple rooms listed).

It’s worth noting that by contacting any guest you’re automatically making your room available to book. Don't forget to check your calendar first!


In Step 3: You can adjust your price using the slider below “total amount” to equal the price you would like to offer your room for. The slider is automatically set to match the guests’ budget, but you can modify it as you wish to be higher or lower than this value.

Once you’ve decided you’re happy with the offer simply click the “Invite guest to stay” button at the end of the page and the guest will receive an email with your proposal through platform. 
That’s it, you’re done! Now wait for the guest to review your Homestay and decide if they will take you up on your offer. 
After that, we strongly recommend you to keep an eye on your Homestay Inbox for your offers replies and also requests from guests who have chosen your profile specifically.  
NOTE: If you decide that you no longer want your offer to stand you can also cancel it. To do this, go to the offer and above the message simply click the option “cancel offer” and the offer you sent to your guest will be cancelled meaning they won't be able to book your Homestay using that offer. 


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