What is Instant Accept?

Homestays Instant Accept is a feature that automatically accepts a guest’s booking request for you. It allows guest’s to book your homestay immediately and receive an instant confirmation. It saves you time having to check your emails and log in to your homestay account to accept requests. It also means that you will appear higher on the search pages for your area and receive lots more requests from potential guests to stay in your home.  

How does it work?

When you enable Instant Accept on your listing, all the booking requests you receive from guest’s are marked automatically available to be confirmed instantaneously. Instant Accept requests don't require approval from you before the guest can be book. As with any other booking, once a reservation is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email which includes the details of the booking, and the reservation details will be automatically updated in your Calendar and Bookings Sections.

We advise not to turn this feature on if you want to have a conversation with your guests prior to them confirming a booking with you. 

What are the benefits of Instant Accept?

  • Convenience - Instant Accept gives guests the fastest & easiest way to book your property - they are only one-click away from a confirmed booking. Reduce any guest’s need to keep searching for alternative homestays and allow them to book right then and there, so they can continue finalizing their travel plans.
  • Attract More Guests - Your listing will be shown with a bar icon to inform them that your listing is an instant accept listing.
  • Ranking Improvement: Instant Accept positively affects your response rate for your listing, which can improve your listing’s placement in search results.
  • Save Time - Effortlessly receive bookings automatically- there is no need to manually review & approve each booking request.

How do I enable Instant Booking?

  1. Click on your name on the top-right then 'Account' on the drop-down menu or through your calendar section clicking here: https://www.homestay.com/listing#calendar-pane
  2. Next tick the box to confirm that you are enable to instantly accept requests.


NB: Please ensure that you have your dates updated in your calendar before set the instant bookings to avoid cancelling bookings for your unavailable dates. Click here to manage your calendar: https://www.homestay.com/listing#calendar-pane


Can I cancel an Instant Accept request?

Yes, you can cancel an instant accept request if the booking has not yet been made.

To cancel an instant accept request:

  1. go to the request
  2. on the top right click cancel request
  3. Thats if the accepted request has been cancelled


If you do cancel accepted requests due to the guest not making the booking on time, cancelling the request will not negatively affect your listing.

Can I cancel an Instant Accept booking?

Yes, you can cancel an instant accept booking. If you need to cancel a guest's booking, it’s important to do so as soon as possible. To ensure that our guests receive a good experience when booking on Homestay.com, it's important for you to note that cancellations on your account can result in the deactivation of the instant accept function or your account in case of multiples cancellations.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Click “Bookings”top right of page
  4. Select the booking that you want to cancel
  5. Clique on cancel this booking 

Click here to cancel the booking: https://www.homestay.com/help/article/205605602-how-can-i-cancel-a-booking


NB:  If you cancel a booking on behalf of a guest this will negatively impact your ranking. If a guest wants to cancel a booking they can do it through their account or email us to support@homestay.com



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