How much should I charge?

If you're unsure about how much you should charge, why not have a look at other listings around your area to see what other hosts charge? The price you upload on your listing is per room, per night (not per guest per night). We suggest that you provide a complimentary light breakfast (such as cereals, pastries, tea/coffee, juice etc).

Consider how much you’d feel would be reasonable to ask a guest to pay while allowing you to make some money. Remember, the price you set in your rooms set up is the price the guest will pay you. The booking fee is calculated on top of the price of stay.

Any other extras you want to charge for, such as laundry service or cleaning fee, are a separate arrangement between you and your guest, but you must disclose these potential charges for guests to be aware of before they book.

We see demand for long-term bookings so we encourage you to set up weekly & monthly promotional prices for guests who book for a week or a month. Lots of our guests are individuals so it's a good idea to set a single occupancy price too.

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