Can I decline a request?

You can. But it can be avoided by keeping your calendar up to date. Make sure to decline requests in the system rather than allowing the system to auto decline.

When you receive a new request, you have 3 options to respond:

  1. I'm Available - This accepts their request and the guest can then proceed with the booking.
  2. Not Available - This declines the request and the guest is can't book.
  3. Reply Only - You can message back and forth with the guest and get to know them a bit before deciding if you want to accept or decline their request.


How declining impacts your ranking

If you've already replied to a request with a message, going on to decline the request won't negatively impact your ranking.

If you haven't sent a message in response to a request, declining it within 36 hours will improve your ranking position. However, if you decline many or most requests, it can negatively impact your ranking.

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