How can I contact a host?

When you send a request, this opens a message thread for the host to respond to.

When the host replies you can both ask each other questions and use the Video message feature before you decide if this home suits your needs. 

We encourage you to get to know your host a bit on email before to your arrival.

For your safety, you cannot access the contact information of a host before the booking has been accepted.

To message a host before finishing a booking, follow the steps below:

. Log in to your account with your email address and password
. From the grey bar at the top of the page, click on `Inbox`
. At this page, you can see all the messages were sent to you and by you
. Click on the photo of the host you want to talk to
. After that, you write the message in the white board and click `send message`

Once the booking is confirmed, the guest and the host receive a confirmation email with each other’s contact details.


In cases where you have the hosts contact details, and you are unable to contact them immediately after the booking, we suggest that you give them some time to respond. 

We suggest that you send them a text message, or try calling their number. If after a few hours you still haven't managed to contact your host after trying to call & text please contact us

Note: If your host is in a different timezone than you it may be more difficult for them to answer immediately. In addition, if you're travelling to a destination where internet is not easily accessed, your host may have difficulty responding to an email from you. 

We're here to help!

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