What are the Homestay.com review guidelines?

Reviews are a way for guests and hosts to share their experiences with the Homestay.com community as well as help us to build a good reputation in the homestay community. We have clear review guidelines in place to help promote our core values. 

Any review that is confirmed on the site, is the result of a direct experience of a person booking with or hosting with a member of the Homestay community.

We want our customers to have complete trust in us, total confidence that we will always act fairly and with integrity. So we ask our members in the to write honest, clear and truthful reviews.

We're serious about honesty. When leaving a review we expect our members to stick to the facts. We do not accept personal insults or anti-social behavior. The best reviews provide constructive information that helps the community make better decisions and is informational for the host in question.

Being transparent in everything we do is an important part of our core values. Homestay’s default position is not to blue pencil, edit or delete reviews. However, on rare occasions we may decide on disallowing or removing reviews. We reserve the right to delete reviews that violate our review guidelines.

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