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A travel accommodation resource for your members

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What is a hub?

A homestay hub brings together like-minded people with shared interests who want to stay in each other's homes when they travel.

It is a private online 'marketplace' for your website, co-branded with your organisation's name and logo. Invite your members to create a host profile and welcome other members into their home; they can also find and book a stay with another member through the hub when traveling.


Strengthen and build your membership with a travel resource that enables friendships to flourish


Club members share knowledge, skills and equipment staying with a fellow enthusiast in their home


Employees traveling for work connect informally staying with a colleague in their home


  • Give your members a shared travel accommodation resource
  • Build a stronger and more connected community
  • Your organisation earns commission on each booking
  • Your members meet new people and earn extra money as a host
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Your hub

  • Free to setup
  • Simple sign-up process for your members to become hosts
  • Marketing collateral to launch your hub
  • Easy integration into your website
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How it works

Invite members to create a homestay host profile within your private hub

Give members access to the private hub to book a homestay

Experience a place with those who call it home

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