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    It was great. We loved our guests! They were very respectful of our home and we all felt comfortable with each other. We ended up sharing dinner together most nights and feel that we have made new friends. Hoping they will definitely stay with us again!
    Hosted Cris and Tony from USA in her homestay in NW Cape, Cape Coral, March 2015
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    Maria was a fantastic guest. Genuinely she was easy to host and settled into our home life easily. She got to see a lot of the local area and was chaperoned by friends and family. She had a real cultural experience and loved exploring the local tourist attractions and m
    Hosted Maria from Spain in her homestay in Monforte Del Cid, Monforte Del Cid, February 2015
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    We are registered with 3 different agencies yet we used Homestay this time and the guest was the best we’ve had. We made sure we gave her the best stay ever we gave her 3 meal every day, we took her places and she loved the free Harley rides. We treated her like a daughter and...
    Hosted Chantal from Belgium in her homestay in GYMEA /Cronulla / South of Sydney, Sydney, February 2015
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    My experience with Jenny was excellent. She was one of the loveliest girls I have met in a long, long time. We became very close even though she was only with me for a few weeks. It just felt like she belonged so I wish her stay had been longer. She was excellent with my p...
    Hosted Jingyi from China in her homestay in SEATON, ADELAIDE, February 2015
  • 12265
    Richard is an awesome person, full of ideas, very warm and friendly. It was a pleasure to host him.
    Hosted Richard from USA in her homestay in Belama Phase One, Belize CIty, December 2014
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    My first guest was amazing since she was easy going, neat, very understanding for my house rules and active so I didn't have any troubles to host her. I enjoyed breakfast with her every morning and our conversations :)
    Hosted YuGene from Hong Kong in her homestay in Nowon, Seoul, December 2014
  • 25054
    Ellie and Leslie were the perfect guest, friendly, excited and curious to know about our family, culture and our lifestyles. They were very interactive, shared our meals and we had some lovely discussion with them. They were curious and understood that we were busy during the ...
    Hosted Ellie from Taiwan in her homestay in Vincennes-Fontenay sous Bois, Paris, January 2015
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    I have good memories about Naga staying with me. Met him at the airport and brought him home and it was amazing to stay with such a sharp, strategic and great thinker young man. Showed him places in town and he could get it within the two days he was independent moving alone ...
    Hosted Naga from India in her homestay in Greenspan, Nairobi, December 2014
  • 29778
    Our experience with the guest was brilliant. This is our first guest from and also the first person we have met from Malta. Sempronia and her family were helpful and self-maintains around the house, always greeting us when they come home and depart as well as aro...
    Hosted Sempronia from Malta in her homestay in Kingsgrove, Sydney, December 2014
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    My guests were a joy to host, they respected my house and seemed to feel at home with myself and my son. They was clean and tidy which is very important to me. Both quests was very warm and friendly especially Ananth’s wife. I always love when my guest bring me gifts, and the ...
    Hosted Anantharam from India in her homestay in Bromley, London, November 2014
  • 6163
    Fantastic! The guests followed your guidance and we had a wonderful time together. They have paid it in accordance and respected the house routine and have integrated themselves into our family. We're very pleased and grateful to for the peaceful and amazing tim...
    Hosted Cristina and Almudena from Spain in her homestay in Stockwell, London, November 2014
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    Our two guest from Poland were simply amazing, we got on from the minute they walked through my door- very easy to talk to polite and wanted to be part of our family. They have now moved in to their new home which is very close by and we will stay friends.
    Hosted Pawel from Poland in her homestay in whitleigh, plymouth, November 2014
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    Excellent experience, it was like having a family member to stay. My guest had the height of respect for my home, removing footwear before entering the bedroom, opening windows in bedroom and bathroom in the morning, turning back the bed linen to air the bed. Came home at a re...
    Hosted Siobhain from Ireland in her homestay in Blackrock, Dublin, November 2014
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    Bertrand was a charming, considerate and easy-going guest. His main reason for coming to England was to improve his English, and he was willing to take every opportunity to practise. We therefore had many interesting conversations with him, comparing and contrasting life an...
    Hosted Bertrand from France in her homestay in Wootton, Canterbury, October 2014
  • 25301
    We had a wonderful experience with our homestay. Andrew fit into our family right away. We treated him like one of us and made him feel at home. Warwick and him had lengthy conversations each night and we enjoyed talking with him. We both are travellers and had so much in comm...
    Hosted Andrew from Canada in her homestay in Greentimbers, Surrey B.C, October 2014
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    Romana was a pleasure from the moment she arrived. She was pleasant, friendly and very respectful of our home. She became part of the family (if only for a week) and she expressed her intention to come again and stay with us. We were very sad to see her leave, she was a perfec...
    Hosted Romana from Slovenia in her homestay in Ringsend, Irishtown, October 2014
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    José was the perfect guest, tidy, respectful and very considerate. I consider José now as a personal friend and am sure we will meet up again in the future.
    Hosted José from Spain in her homestay in Chatterton Village, London, October 2014
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    It was a great experience, we picked Dalia up from the Ferry terminal and to be honest the minute we all were in the car I felt as if I had known her for a long time, very comfortable for our first meeting. Then we had dinner and sat and talked for ages.
    Hosted Dalha from Germany in her homestay in Waikawa, Picton, October 2014
  • 51593
    This Homestay experience confirmed once more to us: Homestay is the best way to meet nice people from all over the world, make them part of your family and have amazing moments, share experiences and get friends. It just broadens our horizon and enriches our life. Carola conta...
    Hosted Carola from Spain in her homestay in Poppenbüttel, Hamburg, October 2014
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    Mohammad was a delightful home stay guest and our entire family liked him very much. We now consider him to be a family friend.
    Hosted Mohammed from Saudi Arabia in her homestay in Eastside Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa, September 2014
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    This was my first experience with and I was a little nervous. However my experience was a blessing and I am very grateful.
    Hosted Heng Sheng from China in her homestay in Beaches, Toronto, September 2014
  • 30809
    The experience has been fantastic, Verena is a very polite, sweet and nice girl. She has been one more of the family and we throw it very much of less. We wish that she come back soon.
    Hosted Verena from Germany in her homestay in SAGRADA FAMILIA, Barcelona, September 2014
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    Flavio is a very well educated, nice person. He is a kind and a very reserved man. My homestay experience with this guest in our house was more than excellent. My husband and I loved doing conversation with him and I am sure that helped him a lot in his English, because he cam...
    Hosted Flavio from Italy in her homestay in St. Julians Pembroke, Pembroke, September 2014
  • 48511
    Excellent. Seamless! I look forward to more happy guests! Friendly, respectful and appreciative of our home. Yes!
    Hosted He from China in her homestay in Killarney, Calgary, September 2014
  • 15527
    We had a great experience with our guests, enjoying chatting, learning about each other and our lives. We shared the evening meal and much laughter. We loved having their young son here also, he brought joy as little children do into the house. We helped them with their bri...
    Hosted Cacile from France in her homestay in happy valley, adelaide, September 2014
  • 14009
    This was our very first experience with and I’m glad to say that it was great kick-start. Our guests were friendly and they were having a nice time at our villa, taking a stroll around our garden, along the beach and an evening dip in the pool. Sam is a chef, so h...
    Hosted Sam from New Zealand in her homestay in Pamunugama, Pamunugama, September 2014
  • 1377
    The family were lovely and very friendly. The children were polite and well mannered. A pleasure to host.
    Hosted Michaela from Italy in her homestay in Sydenham, London, September 2014
  • 7789
    These guests were absolutely fantastic, they fitted in to our lifestyle perfectly and we really enjoyed having them around
    Hosted Marie-Claude from France in her homestay in Taipa, Kaitaia, September 2014
  • 28783
    Excellent. This was my first booking from Homestay. Really enjoyed that! The contact with the guests is more nice once I had to supply the breakfast. I had an excellent experience with homestay and very nice contact with Chris and his friends.
    Hosted Chris from UK in her homestay in Center, amsterdam, September 2014
  • 20598
    My Guest came from Saudi Arabia to attend school. I picked him up from the airport as as scheduled. We both were a little nervous but it went well. I enjoyed welcoming him to the United States and opening my home. I cooked delicious meal every day and helped him learn how to s...
    Hosted Fehad from Saudi Arabia in her homestay in Trotwood Oldtown, Trotwood , September 2014
  • 60001
    Excellent. Laura was polite, considerate and thoughtful. She made every effort to fit in with the family and its routines and we really enjoyed having her stay with us. Laura would be welcomed back in an instant. She was the perfect guest.
    Hosted Robin from Australia in her homestay in Shirley, Solihull, September 2014
  • 32601
    Really wonderful experience. Our guests were so polite and friendly. They contacted us several times before arrival and even shared a photograph of themselves. They both respected our homestay rules and we had absolutely no problem. We would definitely welcome them back into o...
    Hosted Charles from France in her homestay in Tilehurst, Reading, September 2014
  • 21157
    We were apprehensive as he was our first guest, but we needn't have worried. Alexis was a great guest and a pleasure to have around.
    Hosted Gontier from France in her homestay in Hempstead Fields, Uckfield, September 2014
  • 12254
    This was our first time hosting a guest. We enjoyed the experience very much. She was a pleasure to have stay with us and we look forward to our next guest. I will be recommending homestay to friends.
    Hosted Tina from Ireland in her homestay in Wexford, Wexford, September 2014
  • 23097
    The mother Chai Su Ping and her daughter Tongu Xin, are wonderful people. They simply and easily made their home in our family. They are now our family members. We love them, we are really happy to have them and we were sorry to see them go. Now we miss them. Thank you for th...
    Hosted Tong Yu from China in her homestay in Northeast Philadelphia, Philadelphia, August 2014
  • 27138
    My guests Javier and his family were a pleasure to have. They were easy to communicate with and they fitted in perfectly with my family. They kept their room tidy and left it the way they got it. Great family would have no problem taking them back again I wish them the best of...
    Hosted Javier from Spain in her homestay in Caherconlish, Limerick, August 2014
  • 28501
    I was lucky enough to have two wonderful guests for my first hosting. It was a lovely visit & I was sad to say goodbye to them.
    Hosted Tony from Ireland in her homestay in Clondalkin, Dublin, August 2014
  • 2038
    It was simply excellent we all bonded very well they were so organised, clean and sociable. It was as if we've known each other before. The Giovannis were simply excellent to accommodate.
    Hosted Giovanni from Italy in her homestay in London, London, August 2014
  • 12285
    It was short notice however and the weather held them up and they had to turn around as roads were closed but they eventually got here. They were a French family travelling for six months and were so friendly and excited about staying with a local. I live in a beautiful area a...
    Hosted Cecile from France in her homestay in St Georges Basin, St Georges Basin, August 2014
  • 55195
    Daniel was a polite and respectable young man. He got on well with my son and his girlfriend they took him out a few times. I took him sightseeing around Birmingham, and we took a train to London to see the tourist attractions there. He was able to take many pictures and memor...
    Hosted Daniel from Spain in her homestay in Handsworth wood, birmingham, August 2014
  • 11615
    Wonderful, friendly, interesting to talk to. Wish Insa was staying for longer! One of the nicest guests I have had. I did a little tour of Portsmouth and provided meals and Insa was always very grateful for all I did.
    Hosted Insa from Germany in her homestay in Cosham, Portsmouth, August 2014
  • 21398
    She was a very nice girl, I showed her around the city, invited her out to the pub with friends, invited her to a family bbq. she is a very out going person. I felt as thought she was my younger sister, I made sure to look out for her and have her contact me if she needed help...
    Hosted Chiaki from Japan in her homestay in whalley, surrey, August 2014
  • 24791
    Lara, David and their little boy stayed 4 nights at my house. They brought their dog Dino a very well behaved 6 years old dog. They were great guests! Very pleasant and nice and very easy going.
    Hosted Lara from Spain in her homestay in São Pedro de Sintra, Sintra, August 2014
  • 28792
    As always, so far, I always enjoy the people who come to stay with us. I love having conversations with them and love to give them tips and help them plan there days on the Island so that they manage to see as much as possible. We don-t have many rules at home as we like our ...
    Hosted Shota from Japan in her homestay in sliema, sliema, August 2014
  • 2971
    We learned about another culture and language, great for my kids.
    Hosted Carlos from Spain in her homestay in Coolock, Dublin, August 2014
  • 13750
    Through Yuri I gained an amazing insight into life in Russia. Since both he and I always worked in the area of teaching we were able to have a lot of discussions about the area of education and compare the Irish and Russian systems.
    Hosted Yury from Russia in her homestay in Leixlip, Leixlip, August 2014
  • 7482
    We have had a wonderful time hosting our young guest from Saudi Arabia. He arrived just before the start of Ramadan and this was an opportunity for us to find out more about the meaning of Ramadan. We also learnt a lot about Saudi Arabia that we had not known before. Our gue...
    Hosted Mohammed from Saudi Arabia in her homestay in Harborne, Birmingham, August 2014
  • 30977
    Julia and her partner were great guests. My first guest from and truly happy it was a happy experience. They were friendly, flexible and can chat for hours. They are young, dynamic, energetic and full active to explore. They left the place neat and became friends.
    Hosted Julia from Austria in her homestay in Colombo 05, Colombo, July 2014
  • 17205
    It was a great one. Azez which was the nickname he wanted us to call. He taught us how to make Arabic desserts and we taught him how to cook different American dishes. He went with us to family outings. It was truly a great experience.
    Hosted Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia in her homestay in Hudson county, Secaucus, July 2014
  • 28770
    I loved every moment of it. My guest was polite, helpful, practised her English carefully, took care to text me if she was coming home later than she had said. She was a credit to her family. Also I knew very little about her country before she arrived. We googled her home tow...
    Hosted Alaa from Saudi Arabia in her homestay in Wirral, Rock Ferry, July 2014
  • 25564
    Absolutely fantastic they were so warm and genuine and slotted in as part of the family. We will definitely be keeping in touch. Was sorry to see them leave.
    Hosted Jose from Spain in her homestay in Bristol, Bristol, July 2014
  • 22171
    Amazing. Great first experience with I would like to host more guests through Amazing great Experience with Mr. Roberto who has been very professional person. Great personality, character and attitude. My family have really enjoyed his living with...
    Hosted Roberto from El Salvador in her homestay in Erin Mills, Mississauga, July 2014
  • 8932
    Our home stay experience was wonderful our guest was a delight from the moment she arrived until she left was an entirely enjoyable experience in fact she has now rented a house nearby so we can remain in contact she became like a member of the family. Our guest was very frien...
    Hosted Carina from Germany in her homestay in Rural , wickford, June 2014
  • 15047
    Was so cool! My guest Hrvoje and his 2 other friends, Dario and Toni, were such good guests, very polite,friendly and lovely. pretty fun and nice friends. They were very friendly, we had some contact by email before they come,they were very good guests in general and yes would...
    Hosted Hrvoje from Croatia in her homestay in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, June 2014
  • 9085
    The experience of hosting Bryant was positive. We guide him about anything he could see in Barcelona. We also spent a few moments watching the matches of the World Cup. He is a very respectful person and we had no problem. We contacted by email, in English, to tell him the arr...
    Hosted Bryant from USA in her homestay in Eixample dret, Barcelona, June 2014
  • 15404
    We really loved having Lava and his friend Sahan in our house. Although tjheir stay was brief, both were charming, very polite and respectful guests. It was really a period of many joys, both interested in talking about our customs. I love with my city, I had the great pleasur...
    Hosted Lava from Nepal in her homestay in Asa Sul, Brasilia, June 2014
  • 19247
    As this was my first homestay guest i was a little nervous as to how things would go. But not only was it lovely to meet a new personality I enjoyed the company. I have to admit that I was sorry to see Jeanette go. Jeanette was a very wam and friendly lady. She was very respec...
    Hosted Jaenete from Australia in her homestay in Noranda, Perth , June 2014
  • 21106
    Wonderful experience - Mei Ling and husband and little boy terrific and great fun. They went out and saw lots of things in Melbourne and we shared some dinners and great conversations. Very friendly and fun guests. English language - they spoke very well. They did arrive when ...
    Hosted Mei Ling from Singapore in her homestay in Glen Huntly, Melbourne, June 2014
  • 3287
    The overall experience went very well. The guests were very nice and delighted with their stay. If all my homestays go as good as the first one I will be very happy. My guests were very friendly and loved Ireland. They contacted me before they came to Ireland and again a few d...
    Hosted Sibylle from Germany in her homestay in Foxford, May 2014
  • 18868
    This was our first experience. It was fantastic, different from our day to day and motivated us a lot. We care about the decor, the cleanliness and hygiene of the whole house. The clothes, towels, sheets and pillows were new and purchased specially for this purpose. We try to ...
    Hosted Trina from Portugal in her homestay in Carcavelos-Cascais, Lisbon, May 2014
  • 8558
    I couldn't have asked for a better guest. Amazing! I learned Polish and was able to share some great memories w/ my student. Tip Be open to learn and teach and you will have an incredible experience.
    Hosted Barbara from Poland in her homestay in Burbank, Los Angeles, May 2014
  • 10226
    Our house guest was out going,friendly and fun. We learned a great deal about her country's culture and discovered we had a lot in common. We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the whole experience.
    Hosted Elena from Spain in her homestay in Crossacres, Manchester, April 2014
  • 8714
    She was so sweet and very kind. She understands of a Homestay experience. She was very very happy.Laughing all the time. And sharing her life in kuwait with us. She was amazed by the beautiful view of mountains and clouds and mists around the home. Tip; Let the guest go to pla...
    Hosted Lamees from Kuwait in her homestay in Hanthana, Kandy, April 2014
  • 11877
    She was simply a wonderful person, and we had such a great time together. Very clean, non fussy and very very accomodating. Extremely trustworthy and We had loads of fun together. Tip; Homestays are looking for a family to stay with. Have a blast with your clients. Dont make i...
    Hosted Ellie from United States in her homestay in othavadai street, Mahabalipuram, April 2014
  • 12800
    Lawry & Val were fantastic guests to have stay in our home. They were both friendly, polite, & clean people who respected all our house rules and had no trouble adapting to our dog Zack. We enjoyed meeting both Lawry & Val and getting to know a little bit about them in the wee...
    Hosted Lawry from Australia in her homestay in Dianella , Perth, March 2014
  • 6654
    A lovely family, very respectful while they were in my home, very well behaved children and lovely parents. I couldnt have asked for a better start to my Homestay experience!..
    Hosted Ginger from United States in her homestay in Clarehall, Dublin, March 2014
  • 13425
    She's very friendly and easily getting along with. She's easily adjusted with the way we treated her and it seems a long time friend. In regard with food, we seem to have similar. She like the house as it's cosy and quiet. She had extended for another day which was good. The t...
    Hosted Bee from Malaysia in her homestay in New Windsor, Auckland, March 2014
  • 4164
    It was good.. A very nice man, totally embraced our family.. I offered to do him dinner every night during his stay, and his washing for a small charge.. He had been staying in a hotel, so the homestay for him was a good idea... He is still with us for another few days, as his...
    Hosted Bambos from United Kingdom in her homestay in Ballycullen, March 2014
  • 7461
    We recently had the pleasure of hosting Connie and Stephen from Malaysia. They were an absolute delight to have in our home. We felt like we had known them for years. They were extremely considerate and generous, and keen to learn about our way of life and culture. We were ver...
    Hosted Connie and Stephen from Malaysia in her homestay in Gwelup, Perth, March 2014
  • 3693
    We loved our student, and it was really easy to do the whole booking process through your site. Everything went smoothly. They were very friendly, we emailed back and forth a lot. They arrived exactly when they said and we would definitely welcome them back.
    Hosted Jessica from Brazil in her homestay in Lethbridge, February 2014
  • 6805
    Exceptional! Really an amazing woman, full of energy, sympathy and adventurer. She socialised all moments with us, she was like part of the family, we shared fun times and great moments. We contacted each other before arrival, picked her up at the airport, she was incredible a...
    Hosted Jennifer from UK in her homestay in Salesianos, El Calafate, February 2014
  • 9660
    Jason and Sarah were terrific to have stay. They were busy and got to see and do a lot in the area. They were quiet and easy going. We would happily have them back. We could not fault the process. We were happy with the whole experience. | Tip: I guess find out why and what yo...
    Hosted Jasom from UK in her homestay in Caulfield North, Melbourne, February 2014