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How does it work?

Search & Request

Guests search and choose the homestay they like

Messaging & Video Call

Guests contact you about availability before booking

Booking & Fee

Once you accept, the guest books and pays a booking fee to

SMS & Email

You receive a booking confirmation via email and SMS


The guest pays you the full amount on arrival or in advance by arrangement. Some hosts (depending on country and currency) can avail of a 25% Deposit payment option to cover cancellations and no shows.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the guests & how are they verified?

Our homestays are booked by tourists, university students, gap-year travellers, interns, volunteers, language students and tourists who want to experience the local community and culture of the place they are visiting. You decide who stays with you and when, as guests must request to stay with you first. You can get to know them before accepting them to stay using our messaging system and video call feature to ask more questions.

How do I get paid?

Once you accept a request the guest can then book. They pay a booking fee to to secure the booking. Then they pay you on arrival. Or, you can agree with the guest directly to pay the balance in advance of arrival by bank transfer or PayPal.

What's expected of me as a host?

At the core of the homestay experience is you, the host, being present to welcome the guest into your home. A host lives in every homestay listed on – none of our homestays are vacant properties. We understand that you can't be there all the time, but just to welcome and orientate your guests. We suggest that our hosts offer a complimentary light breakfast to guests such as cereals, pastries, tea/coffee, juice etc. You don't need to serve it if it's not possible, just let your guests know where everything is!

Do I need insurance for hosting guests?

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, so for peace of mind you want to be prepared. We suggest you source some house/contents/liability insurance from a local provider for any situations that might arise during a stay.

How much do I charge?

You set the room price you want to charge guests. If you are unsure about how much you should charge, we recommend that you have a look at other hosts in your area on or on comparative sites to see what other hosts charge or contact us for advice. The price you set for your room(s) is per room per night. We have demand for long-term bookings so you should set up weekly and monthly prices also. We suggest you offer a light breakfast in the price. If you offer other meals for a charge you can make this clear on your profile.

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Now not a good time?

We can email you more information to explain how it all works.

Homestay Heroes

Our hosts allow guests to experience a place with those who call it home.

They are more than just temporary landlords handing over keys. They are cultural ambassadors proud of the place they're from, sharing their homes and offering guests a unique window into life in a new place.

Meet our homestay heroes

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