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Ho soggiornato a Agosto 2018
Gosport Hampshire - United Kingdom

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  • Settembre 2018

    as you can read from Edith's review nothing i did was enough.. a totally demanding guest.. throughout her i stay i did all i could to meet her continuing demands.. she has free use of my bicycle for the whole 4 son had to come round more than once to deal with bike issues for her.. no thank you.. i helped up and down with her heavy case.. no thank you.. she was made very welcome and given her space..but seriously she expected me to do her washing up.. i note her biggest complaint was not getting free English lessons, sorry but i got a busy life.. i only saw Edith in the evenings and early mornings.. the mornings getting ready for both of us to go out and the evenings i am tired.. on her first day here i spent the morning walking Edith to town showing her the great views.. and the only English i got was it was too far.. when it was sunny it was too hot, when not sunny it was too cold.. sorry life is too short to be moaning so hence i will continue no more.. i will add Edith was a quiet guest and clean..

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