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Cecilia ha gia' soggiornato presso 5 homestay.

Ho soggiornato a Aprile 2019
Cienfuegos - Cuba

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Ho soggiornato a Aprile 2019
Trinidad - Cuba

Incontra Daniel

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Ho soggiornato a Aprile 2019
Playa Larga - Cuba

Incontra Libbys

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Ho soggiornato a Aprile 2019
Viñales - Cuba

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Ho soggiornato a Aprile 2019
Havana - Cuba

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Recensioni dalle famiglie ospitanti

Cecilia ha 5 recensioni

  • Maggio 2019

    I m glad to have such a Nice people staying in my House, this has been one of the most beautiful experiences we have had with GUESTS.
    Was a party of 6 and their two children, i loved their company and i really apreciate the time they spent with our kids.
    Super easy, quiet, clean and easygoing.
    Also, we enjoyed every conversation and i felt as if i had known them for Years.
    I Would like to receive them again in the future and i highly recommend them to other hosts.

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  • Maggio 2019

    Encantada de tenerlos en casa. Son personas maravillosas.

  • Aprile 2019

    Una familia encantadora fue un placer tenerlas en casa, ojala se repita su visita

  • Aprile 2019

    Very friendly family,it was great to host them

  • Aprile 2019

    Buenos huespedes

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