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  • Gennaio 2020

    Marie was a fab guest at the start. We took her out with us to family events and restaurants. We welcomed her boyfriend to stay every 3rd weekend, at no extra charge, and we fed him meals at no charge. I took Marie to, and picked her up from the airport and train station at no charge. The weather turned cold. The heating was on in her bedroom every evening. The heating was on in the downstairs during the day. She was welcomed into the sitting room with the log burner on. Unfortunately, Marie wanted the heating on in her bedroom when she came home early with her boyfriend. We turned it on immediately. She wanted her heating on when she was out of the house. We explained we didn't do that. She wanted to stay all day, during the week, in her room to study, we said she should go to Uni or the local library. She left two days later.

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