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  • Giugno 2024

    We had a great time with Gabe
    Gabe was a respectful, gentle, warm person, always keeps clean and tidy and he even helped me a lot with IT thing since he’s a professional in that kind of fields.
    I totally recommend him!
    We always welcome you to come over anytime :)

    Thank you
    Hina and Ayako

  • Giugno 2024

    At the beggining, He didn't talk almost at all as he talked in Japanese, even with other guests. I didn't even understand if he understand what I said or what he thought.
    So I told him and explain him that it would be good for you and for us to talk in English to be able to understand and have more communication, and try to avoid misunderstanding.
    However I also talked him Japanese as well.

    I am sorry that he felt the critical.
    As a host, I wanted everyone to eat in a good atmosphere and get along well, so I purposely told him.

    I think he learned a lot in a short period of one month.
    Although it was a short period of time, I took him many times to experience Japanese culture.
    I was happy too, because I saw the joy on his face as he experienced so many new things for the first time.

    I have to say this: I have no problems with the air conditioner and Wifi in my house. Also, many Japanese homes do not have dryers. There's no problem, just hang it out to dry on the balcony, it's a Japanese custom. Also, my house is in Tokyo, and it's the same size as the rest of my neighborhoods, with three floors, so it's not small at all. I mean, it's just general. I don't think you should compare it to America.

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