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Hi,my name is Tomoyuki.

My family(I,wife,2sons) is looking forward to accepting you!

I am receiving positively not only a short-term stay but a long-term stay.

◆ Your 10 benefits of homestay in our house.

(1) Close to the JR station. And,You can go to Shinjuku station in 40 minutes by the train from nearest staiton.

(2) There are a toilet and a shower room for exclusive use of you in your room.

(3) Supermarket, restaurant*1, banks, Convenience store*2, Post office are in the range of 5-minutes walk.
*1 including Sushi,Ramen. *2 Seven-Eleven.

(4) Clean air and No noise.

(5) You can get travel adviser of you. It's me :-) Tomoyuki.

(6)You can eat a special Japanease meal my wife cooked from time to time.So delicious!

(7)Let's go to various places with our family if you want!Traveling,Onsen(温泉),Japanease restaurant,sightseeing,shoping,hiking,playing sports and so on.

(8)You can always use the WiFi in your room.

(9)You can experience Japanease traditional events with our family.

(10)You have no curfew.So you can come home as you like.

The Space Summary
Our building was renovated a few years ago. Our Studio type place is 13㎡.We have a kitchen, a bathroom (shower, bathtub, Western style toilet) , Japanese style), and storing space.

Beds for:
First guest:Single/Bed or Futon
Second guest:Single/Futon

Table, air-conditioner, trash box, hair dryer, washing machine / laundry dryer, bicycle, FREE WI-FI, boiling machine.
※For laundry, please use a Laundromat nearby

Shampoo set(shampoo、conditioner, body soap)
bath towels (※2 towels per person)

The Neighborhood
5 minute walk to the closest station “Higashi nakagami”.
Our house is located in a quiet suburb and you can enjoy the calm atmosphere.

Facilities nearby our place

Convenience store :3 min. Walk
Grocery store (Super market):1 min. Walk
Public bath : 1 min. Walk
Laundromat : 1 min. walk 
※ There are several, a lot of, few, restaurants, daily necessities shop, you can walk within 5min.

Time needed to go to the main area.
Haneda Airport :80min. by train
Narita Airport :120min. by train
Shinjuku :40min. by train
Shibuya:45min. by train
Akihabara :45min by train
Harajuku :30min by train
Asakusa :60min by train
Roppongi :60min by train

Recommended local sightseeing spots 
「Shouwa Memorial Park」
「Akishima Hot Springs “Yuraku no sato”」

Other Things to Note
 Address  : Tokyo Akishima city tamagawa town 4-6-6 #101
 Please search the above address on (website hidden) map.

We can speak English and Japanese.
We are very easy going people.

Cleaning Policy
We do not enter the room and clean during your stay to protect your privacy.

House Facilities
  • Bikes for use
  • Laundry
  • Internet Access
  • Smoke alarm
  • Smoke alarm on each floor
  • Air Conditioning

Bedrooms available for booking

Minimum stay is for 3 nights

Maximum stay is for 365 nights

Available for given dates

101 room with a bay window
From ¥2,993 per night
Twin Room
Sleeps 2

Bathroom private (exclusive to guest)
1 Single, 1 Futon Bed

Bedroom availableNot available for dates

Summary Our building was renovated a few years ago. Our Studio type place is 13㎡。 We have a kitchen, a bathroom (shower, bathtub, Western style toile

  • Desk and Lamp
  • Air Conditioning
  • Dresser / Drawers
  • Closet / Wardrobe
  • Bedside Locker / Nightstand
  • Mirror
  • Fridge
  • Hair-dryer
 1 guest
2 guests
Nightly Price
Weekly Price
Monthly price
102 room with a bay window
From ¥2,993 per night
Twin Room
Sleeps 2

Bathroom private (exclusive to guest)
1 Single, 1 Futon Bed

Bedroom availableNot available for dates

Summary Our building was renovated a few years ago. Our Studio type place is 13㎡。 We have a kitchen, a bathroom (shower, bathtub, Western style toile

  • Desk and Lamp
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Air Conditioning
  • Dresser / Drawers
  • Closet / Wardrobe
  • Bedside Locker / Nightstand
  • Mirror
  • Fridge
  • Hair-dryer
 1 guest
2 guests
Nightly Price
Weekly Price
Monthly price
You have selectedNightsPrice of StayBooking FeeTotal

About the Area

This place has both the great access to downtown and calm atmosphere like the country. Why not enjoy slow living with Hot springs, large parks and Mt.Takao which earned 3 Stars for quality on the Michelin Guide?

Local Area Facilities
  • Tennis
  • Park
  • Gym
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Cinema
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Shopping Centre
  • Amusement Park
  • Water sports
  • Sports arena
  • Health club
  • Fishing
  • Restaurant
  • Bus Stop
  • Train station
  • Hospital


Hosts can offer a complimentary light breakfast at their discretion. All other meals will incur an additional cost. Meals and any additional payment should be arranged directly with your host.

Included in the stay
  • Use of Kitchen

House Rules

<Cancellation Policies>
50% refund up until 30 days prior to arrival, except fees
・For a 50% refund, cancellation must be made 30 full days prior to listing’s local check in time (or 3:00 PM if not specified) on the day of check in.
・Cleaning fees are always refunded if the guest did not check in.
・Cancellation policies may be superseded by the Guest Refund Policy, safety cancellations, or extenuating circumstances. Please review these exceptions.
・Applicable taxes will be retained and remitted.

<House Rules>
Prohibited matters: Be aware of the following.
No minors (tenants must be over 18 years old).
No entry for non occupants
No profit oriented activities, (this is for residing in only and not for other purposes)
No outsiders can be brought into your room.
No posters or photos or other goods are to be put on your window as this can cause damage to our hotel.
No use of our heater, cooking stove, iron press and other electronics except when lent to you.
No smoking
No loud noises, loud singing, odors or bad behavior towards others.
None of the following goods can be brought in: all animals except guide dogs, birds, stimulants, drugs, medicine that is banned by law, explosives and gasoline, chemicals that can harm your body, non-licensed guns, swords and similar weapons, goods which are large in number and heavy, items which have a bad odor, rubbish and things which are unhygienic,
Obey public order and keep basic morals
No distribution of advertising flyers in the neighborhood
No moving of company provided furniture or use of furniture in inappropriate ways. No remodeling of your room and furniture.
Your belongings must stay in your room
No entering into other rooms apart from your reserved room (except in the case of emergencies or unavoidable circumstances)
No hair coloring and use of bleaching agent in your room
No unhygienic and dangerous behavior
Disclaimer: We may terminate the contract of your stay for any of the below.
Membership with gang-related people, terrorists and any related groups.
Any guests who do the following: violence, threats, extortion, unreasonable demands, gambling, unlicensed drugs, guns, possession and use of swords and similar items, other illegal actions and those against public order and without basic morals.
Any guests with a highly contagious disease
Any guests demanding irrational services and other unreasonable demands
Natural disasters, broken facilities and other unavoidable situations
Smoking in bed and mischief with fire equipment, any behavior that may cause fire.
Any guests who allow others to stay in their room instead of themselves.

Smoking is not allowed.

21 Reviews

  • 1551308768 original

    United Kingdom
    Age 18 - 24

    5 hearts
    July 2019

    Stayed for 2 weeks and I wished I'd stayed much longer, I had a great experience a very welcoming and friendly family to stay with, that has very good home cooking as well. the area itself is beautiful and my room was so cosy and relaxing, I will definitely be back in the future!

  • 1480561635 original

    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    February 2019

    In October 2018, I spent 7 days and nights with the family of Tomoyuki in the wonderful city of Akishima in Tokyo prefecture. I am already well acquainted to the area, as my very first home stay was in Tachikawa, a city close by, which I somehow fell in love with and which I try to visit every time I am in Japan.
    My home stay at Tomoyuki’s place still was more an “accident”, as the friend I wanted to visit in Kyoto became sick and couldn’t accommodate me. So when the urge to find a place in Kyoto or Osaka arose, it unfortunately turned out that there was no place for me to stay. Same in central Tokyo area … So I somehow had to find a place in a time frame of maybe four days before my plane was leaving for Japan. Tomoyuki was quick to react and immediately accepted my request, though from the beginning he told me that it was absolutely okay if I first checked if I liked the place or if I wanted to leave earlier.
    As said before the area was more or less well-known to me, so I had no doubt it would be a great stay and said “no worries”.
    My travel from Tachikawa station to Akishima went pretty smooth, and I had no problems to find the house. The way is easy to remember and Tomoyuki did a great job in describing it!
    Tomoyuki and his family weren’t there at that time, as they had to take care of some business, but left the keys in a place we agreed upon earlier.
    Surprisingly for me it turned out that I didn’t live in the families house, but had an own small apartment that was just located in the same house. The room was not all too big – at least for a big guy like me – but it was cozy and provided enough space for me and my luggage to feel comfortable. (At least I felt comfortable, can’t tell you what my luggage felt).
    After the first “shock” of being completely responsible for myself, it became apparent that everything still was taken care of. I had a bed, a toilet, a kitchen niche with cooking equipment and (most important) a place to put on my laptop computer and internet connectivity.
    I would like to express that this was pretty uncommon for me and I at the beginning felt a bit awkward. I mean – this was more like a holiday house, not a home stay in a common sense. It’s hard to explain and I don’t want you to get a wrong impression, but please understand that it is a different way of home-staying than you might be used to.
    I am more used to taking part in a family’s life – interact, help and be helped, but in this case it felt more like living next door to each other – like … let’s say … like neighbors.
    The first time I met Tomoyuki and his family in person I got quite a strong impression. All of them just radiate the energy of a heartwarming, wonderful family which you absolutely want to be part of. The boys are adorable and energetic, Tomoyuki is a great listener and a mind full of ideas and fun and his wife made the impression she was so amazed by the pure energy of the three other family members I from time to time wanted to pat her hand and explain to her that I felt the same.
    In an earlier review I talked about how I felt on my very first home-staying, being afraid of breaking into an existing family and disturbing them. Well … yeah … that was exactly the feeling I had at this moment.
    Normally I am a pretty straight-forward person. I immediately know if I like someone or not. In this case it was hard for me to make out a point from where I could tell how I should (and could) react to the family. I missed the interaction in the beginning pretty much, especially as there was another guest doing stuff with the family I am used to doing with a home stay family: Going somewhere together, having dinner, playing and so on. I really got the feeling of “maybe they don’t like me”?
    In a short period of just a few days the building of a relation to the family accommodating you is not easiest. (And to be honest – that’s the reason I do home-staying for: Being with a family, getting some insight into the life of another culture, and maybe understanding how and why people in different countries are – or are not - different). I know: It can always be an on and off relationship before you finally find a way to connect.
    In this case it took maybe three, four days for us to bond, and after that things went pretty different. We did barbecue together, went to a public bath and I did a lot of stuff with the boys (they broke my record on Duolingo trying to learn English …). But that was just a short period. Three days later I already had to leave, which at that moment hit me quite hard, as I just had found a way of interaction and started to feel comfortable.
    So don’t get a wrong impression, please. This family is wonderful and heartwarming. It just maybe takes you a bit longer to really find a connection point.
    The house of Tomoyuki is located maybe a 5-10 minute walk away from Higashi-Nakagami station, where the local train between Akishima and Tachikawa is stopping. The next bigger hub is Tachikawa, from where you can take different lines towards Tokyo and other hubs in the greater Tokyo area. Notice that to central Tokyo it will take you somewhere between 30 and 50 minutes, depending on the train you take.
    And if you don’t want to enjoy the pulsating heart of Japans capital, you can spend your time exploring Akishima and/or Tachikawa. There are many places to see, and especially the Tachikawa Showa-Kinen-Park is a beauty in Spring, Summer and Autumn.
    Maybe you just want to go down the road and meet Japanese locals? Then the suburban area around Tomoyukis house will be the perfect spot for you.
    I for example met an elderly woman there. Her English was bad, my Japanese worse, so we understood each other perfectly and went to a shop near Higashi-Nakagami station, where she showed me some fruits and ingredients for Japanese cuisine.
    Another day I met a former box champion (at least he told me he was a box champion) now running a gym in Akishima.
    Though it was just a rather small stay, I made the acquaintance of quite a lot of people who were amazed to see a big European guy walking in the center of the suburbs trying to speak Japanese and of course they were eager to learn more about who I was and where I came from.
    A wonderful experience and especially the last evening at Tomoyukis house, meeting his Father and Mother and dining with the whole family exchanging wonderful and funny stories was the final highlight to my time in Akishima.
    But then again – on the next day I had to leave early on a 7-hour ride from Akishima to Fukuoka. And during that time it struck me that I, though I had felt weird in the beginning, already missed the small energetic family I left near Higashi-Nakagami station. I just didn’t have enough time around them.
    Which is a perfect reason to come back one day …

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  • 1502075412 original

    United States
    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    January 2019

    Such a nice family. Cutest funniest kids too. It's hard to enumerate all the nice things they did for me, so I'll give a short list here: took me to a zen temple to meditate for two hours one morning (at the crack of dawn-ish); brought me to an old authentic unagi (eel) restaurant for a feast; invited me to floorball practice (crazy fun); introduced me to a number of other travelers, all of whom were really interesting; brought us to a sentou (communal bath house); the list goes on. But their personalities and warmth were perhaps the greatest gift. Highly highly recommended!

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  • 1557599123 original

    United States
    Age 18 - 24

    4 hearts
    October 2018

    Tomoyuki is a great host, and is very passionate about making the experience for the guest as good as possible. The rooms are maintained very well with a toilet and sink, but are suited better for one person, maybe two if you go outside a lot and only come back to sleep. For this reason I ended up having my most memorable experiences during my stay with Tomoyuki.
    The location is perfect for the suburban Japanese experience. I stumbled into a small street festival once and was very confused, so a friendly (drunk) Japanese man tried to explain it to me in the simplest way possible. I loved interacting with people outside of the main city. They are always surprised to see an American wandering the streets ordering ramen in Japanese. It is very helpful to be able to understand even a little Japanese when coming here. It would be very rare for restaurants and stores to have English menus or labels. Getting around using trains and buses is still possible with English only, but you will lose a lot of opportunities for interaction if you do not speak the language. The locals are not as proficient in English as they are in the heart of Tokyo.
    The proximity of Tomoyuki's home to Nakagami Station is unbelievable. It's a less than 10 minute walk to the station which take you to Nakano or Shinjuku stations in the city, and from there, anywhere you want. There is also a grocery store less than 2 minutes away, which I frequented for most of my meals. In terms of local attractions, there are a few parks and shrines nearby, but nothing crazy. There are many small noodle shops and vendors selling directly out the front of their house, which can only be found outside the city.
    This homestay is perfect for those who do not want the standard tourist experience. It will force you to explore and meet people. You will get to experience the gorgeous Japanese architecture that is mostly lost inside the cities, and the humbled and modest Japanese locals which have become my absolute favorite people in the world.
    When I improve my Japanese ability, I would love to stay with Tomoyuki again for my second trip to Japan! - Patrick

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  • 1517168990 original

    Age 18 - 24

    5 hearts
    July 2018

    I really have no words for how thankful I am for having met Tomoyuki and Maki, and how sad it made me have to leave. Staying with them has been an amazing experience, to say the least. They are the most caring and helpful family I have ever had the pleasure of staying with. Dinners with them were always fun and delicious, and I really loved being with Tomoki and Tomonari.

    The room was perfect, and the time I spent with them was incredible. Whether it was with them, their family, at a ramen restaurant or at an onsen, I always had the best of times. It was truly incredible, and I can't wait to visit again.

    Thank you Tomoyuki, Maki, Tomoki and Tomonari, for everything.

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  • 1526832398 original

    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    July 2018

    What a wonderful family! I have no words to thank Tomoyuki, his wife Maki, their two lovely children and the grandmother Namiko for their great hospitality! They made me feel like home at the other end of the world and they gave me a deep insight into japanese culture. In fact, I felt like beeing part of the family! Nearly every evening I had the chance to eat with them dinner (Maki's japanese food was so delicious!), thus learning about japanese food and table traditions, I even cooked a little bit with Maki, which made it even more special and authentic. On Saturday night they took me with them to traditional Onsen! This was an amazing experience I will never forget. And after that we ate Sushi at a Sushi-bar (in an area where no tourist gets lost!). It couldn't be more perfect! Furthermore, as a teacher I was very interested in japanese school and so Tomoyuki took me to his son's school, where I had the chance to observe a whole japanese lesson with the kids during an open-day for parents! After that, his son gave me a tour of the whole school (by the way, his son also teached me some japanese and how to use chopsticks :-) ). It was so amazing! The area of Tomoyuki's house, Akishima, is peaceful and quiet, I felt very safe there (as I was travelling alone) and you can be sure that there you will grasp the feeling of a japanese family's everyday life. From my room's window I could see in the mornings the school children passing by, the super-market was nearby (expect going to the super-market to be a unique "adventure" if it is your first time in Japan ;-) ), the train station was just a 5 minute walk away and close to the station there is a 24 hour convenience store which is called 7 eleven where you can find anything you need (e.g. ready meals, you can even change easily your money into yen there). Commuting with the train to the city centre of Tokyo was very easy (I never waited longer than 5 minutes for a train) and even if it is not a short ride (it takes about 40 minutes minimum to central Tokyo) it is very typical for this city, so you will again experience Tokyo's everyday life at its best. The room was perfectly equipped and cosy. It has everything you need (towel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, cooking utensiles for the kitchen), air-condition and a perfect internet connection. It is perfect that the room has its own entrance, so you can come and go whenever you want without disturbing anyone. All in all, staying with Tomoyuki's family was a wonderful experience I highly recommend to everybody!

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  • 1444919301 original

    United States
    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    June 2018

    I enjoyed my stay with the Tomoyuki and his family; everyone was very warm and welcoming. I never expect to have a room with so many personal amenities which included a bath, sink, fridge, stove and small oven. I was also able to venture out at my own pace since I was loaned a smart-key to my private room. When they had travel plans, they gladly invited me to tag along if I had no plan and wanted to come along. We enjoyed embarking on many trips together; both near and far, thus creating many great memories together.

    I hope to visit everyone again when I visit Japan in the future.

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  • 1500720676 original

    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    April 2018

    Tomoyuki est un host agréable et chalereux et tres spontané maitrisant suffisamment d anglais pour les questions et discussions entre l hote et l invite.
    Il s interesse aux differentes cultures et essaye de vous en apprendre plus sur la culture japonaise en dehors des zones tres touristique.
    De plus les repas que j ai passé avec eux ont été une petite perle.

    Merci a Tomoyuki, Maki, Tomoki et Tomonari pour ce merveilleux sejour

    -------- English version------

    Tomoyuki is a kind spontaneous and generous host speaking enough english to have some conversation and to answer every question you have.
    He is interrested in foreign culture and will try to let you discover his outside of the touristic locations.
    Meals i had with his familly are a nice and warm memory.

    Thanks to Tomoyuki, Maki, Tomoki and Tomonari for this marvelous stay

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  • 1519501280 original

    United States
    Age 35 - 44

    5 hearts
    April 2018

    This guest awarded the host 5 hearts but didn’t leave any comments.

  • 1508830204 original

    Age 25 - 34

    4 hearts
    March 2018

    Tomoyuki was very friendly, and went out of his way to make sure I had everything I needed. Unfortunately, he and his family were sick during the time I visited, so we didn't get a chance to interact as much as we could have. But despite that, Tomoyuki helped me mail a package at the post office, translating for me, and his wife made me dinner one of the nights, which was very nice! The accommodation is a lovely little 'granny flat' attached to the side of the house, with its own private entrance, which made it easy to come and go at all hours. The home is about 40 mins outside the heart of Tokyo, but it was an easy walk to the train station. It's a perfect location for people visiting the Ghibli museum.

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