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Zeta ficou anteriormente alojado com 2 anfitriões

Ficou em Maio 2017
York - United Kingdom

Conheça Andrew

Família anfitriã Andrew em ,
Ficou em Maio 2017
Norwich - United Kingdom

Conheça Lionel

Família anfitriã Lionel em ,

Comentários dos anfitriões

Zeta tem 2 comentários

  • Setembro 2017

    Can't believe her review - it is bed and breakfast not a hotel and we always say if you need to come back during the day just ring or text and we will come back to the house if possible! For obvious reasons we do not give keys to strangers. No complaints were made while she was here and no request for keys!

  • Julho 2017

    We had a wonderful time during your stay, it was like having family stay, glad you enjoyed your time in the UK

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