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Ralf ficou anteriormente alojado com 2 anfitriões

Ficou em Agosto 2017
Bristol - United Kingdom

Conheça Charlotte

Família anfitriã Charlotte em ,
Ficou em Agosto 2017
sutton - United Kingdom

Conheça Zeenat

Família anfitriã Zeenat em ,

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Ralf tem 2 comentários

  • Setembro 2017

    A lovely family of mum,dad and 2 children. Lovely people who were interesting, well behaved and a joy to be with. All,even the youngest, had a good standard of English. I would welcome them back anytime.

  • Agosto 2017

    Ralf and his family were a delight to have around...they made the most of London and were very pleasant to have around..Stefan..keep smiling and keep this world happy place...hope the rest of your travels driving on the wrong side was just as pleasant..

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