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Vera ficou anteriormente alojado com 3 anfitriões

Ficou em Abril 2018
Kandy - Sri Lanka

Conheça Shyami & Nihal

Família anfitriã Shyami & Nihal em ,
Ficou em Março 2018
Gelioya - Sri Lanka

Conheça Neil

Família anfitriã Neil em ,
Ficou em Março 2018
Urapola - Sri Lanka

Conheça Nandanie

Família anfitriã Nandanie em ,

Comentários dos anfitriões

Vera tem 3 comentários

  • Abril 2018

    She is a very unassuming and very flexible guest. It is a privilege to have Vera as a guest at our home stay. She is very quiet and very flexible. We can recommend her to stay in any place any where.

  • Março 2018

    She was friendly and reliable. Honest young girl. Good as a guest

  • Março 2018

    Vera stayed at our home for 3 weeks. She is a very good girl. When I saw her first at the airport, I felt like I was meeting my own daughter.(I have only 2 sons.) She is very quiet and innocent girl. I treated her and looked after her just like my own child. She enjoyed the vegetarian and healthy meals I made specially for her.

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