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Heike ficou anteriormente alojado com 2 anfitriões

Ficou em Agosto 2018
Sydney - Australia

Conheça Tori

Família anfitriã Tori em ,
Ficou em Agosto 2018
Melbourne - Australia

Conheça Emily

Família anfitriã Emily em ,

Comentários dos anfitriões

Heike tem 2 comentários

  • Setembro 2018

    Heike and her family were new to homestay and stayed for a few nights. They were a lovely family, always keeping the kitchen & bathroom clean, but as they were exploring Sydney each day we didn't get to talk often. I recommend them to any host.

  • Agosto 2018

    Heike and her daughter Clara were perfect guests. Although the time went very quickly we enjoyed our time together watching a movie and playing video games. We shared in a special traditional meal they prepared for us which we enjoyed with other friends of ours. It was a wonderful night and we really enjoyed their company.

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