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Yiran ficou anteriormente alojado com 4 anfitriões

Ficou em Setembro 2018
Vancouver, BC - Canada

Conheça Tanya

Família anfitriã Tanya em ,
Ficou em Agosto 2018
Calgary - Canada

Conheça Ken

Família anfitriã Ken em ,
Ficou em Junho 2018
Calgary - Canada

Conheça Mary Lou

Família anfitriã Mary Lou em ,
Ficou em Abril 2018
Burnaby - Canada

Conheça EN Hung

Família anfitriã EN Hung em ,

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Yiran tem 4 comentários

  • Outubro 2018

    Yiran was a very pleasant and friendly guest. We enjoyed a quick chat every night before bed, sharing fun highlights of the day. She shared her treats from T & T and her knowledge about water filtration with me. Very quiet and respectful as well, a very delightful person. Thanks, Yiran. :-)

  • Julho 2018

    Yiran was a pleasant guest. I would host her again if the chance crosses our paths

  • Junho 2018

    Yiran was another good, friendly guest. I wish her the very best and hope that she comes to stay with us again.

  • Maio 2018

    Yiran is a outgoing person and we have a very good time with her.
    Hope she will come back in the future.

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