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Ficou em Novembro 2018
Sydney - Australia

Conheça Tori

Família anfitriã Tori em ,
Ficou em Novembro 2018
Brisbane - Australia

Conheça Nicoleta

Família anfitriã Nicoleta em ,

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Prince tem 3 comentários

  • Novembro 2018

    Prince and his wife were quiet and thoughtful guests.

  • Novembro 2018

    Prince & his wife ensured I was updated on their arrival time, when their flights were changed to arrive at midnight. I didn't get to talk a lot to them, as they were out sightseeing most of their stay, but they seemed to be a lovely couple, who were relaxed, social and left my home clean and tidy. I would recommend them to any host.

  • Novembro 2018

    Lovely and happy couple. It was a pleasure to host them.

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